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Ready To Move On.............

Bringer of storms indeed. A pair of highest category h*rricanes, and a geomagnetic storm.....happening simultaneously.


Me? I note subanime mankind is *BORING*......... .

I'm ready for *ADVENTURES*...., and the exploring of new worlds.

I'm ready to meet some interesting and new people who aren't 'carbon' 'copy' 'antagonistic' and 'subanime'.....'NPC'S'...... .

I do not want to 'draw' 'out' this thing. How do I awaken my abilities to an even larger scale???

Should I just drink a large portion of each bottle of n*noparticles????? I need some feedback...... . If I just got III gallons of n*noparticles, would I have what I need to use my meteor storm trump card???? Or is the meteor storm rump card (*feels something (???) trickling down my right cheek*) solely dependent......upon these "detachment training storms"....., and me reaching even further levels of detachment (if that is even possible).

*Inhales and sighs*..... .

Me? I don't hate mankind, but I swear......it feels like I do not even have the tiniest bit of interest in 'em.

No concern for mankind, no interest in mankind, no feelings of hope felt for mankind, no trust in mankind, no faith in mankind.

I'm just *done*...., and the environment, as always, shows how I feel..... .
Tags: nature link, realtalk, storm fuel, the planet is sentient
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