Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
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Lessons Of Fire Mana.............

After doing a little bit of reading earlier........



....., and getting upset at that 'ground' 'rent' stuff, a cosmic ray blast took place...... .

See where it landed?

If I am back to solar manipulation heights of a decade ago, or even beyond, this is need to know.....information.


Oh, and provided I "come back" from a Japan trip in under II months, ***BIG*** things are awaiting on the other side, because I now know the "recipe" for awakening my full abilities. Yep. I'll leave clues for myself in the tags...in case I ever have another amnesia bout.

As for now though, I just noted H****** call.... . Another dinner invite? *Rubs my brow*. Lol. Am I about to witness another petting farm trip? *Cackles*.
Tags: gem mining, gold, herbal medicine, nanotherapy, nintendo and peach, peach, platinum, silver
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