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I Witnessed Some Demon Deity Shogun Dude..... / Who Did I Try To Heal???

Woa... . A lot of stuff went down earlier / last night, but before I get into that, I need to reflect on yesterday's era defining post.

If I had had access to the information within the prior post decades ago, my lifestyle would have been totally different. The post provides a working framework, a data assessment template, which can be applied and readily proven in the field. It explains why I only witness fictionkin 'messageboards' and the 'posters' (mostly XX chromosome types)....stuck in a chronic death spiral of disinformation, stagnance, ignorance, depravity, and drama........... .


K........ .

So last night....during dimension diving or a fluid world event, I found myself "touching down" to a location that seemed like 5he inside some sort of transport, maybe a subway car? My presence may have caused the windows of the transport to go solid black, and I noted the five or six.....powerful subanime fighters standing around..... . My eyes widened as I witnessed some powerful Caucasian dudes, some with extremely powerful 'enchanted' 'weapons', attack. I blocked at multiple attacks using my forearms and knees. After I said a couple words, and after saying how I was not wanting to fight, I noted the dudes......'chill' 'out'......... .

Next, I remember hiding....., hiding as I witnessed a scary and horribly gloomy 'castle' that had a horrifically evil deity inside. I hid in a hallway (*blushes*) as I witnessed the warriors from before, gone full anime and decked out in battle gear, challenging a gloomy and monstrous figure that was clad in an evil power infused set samurai battle armor.

I heard at something about a "Sword Of The East" and "Sword Of The South" perhaps......from the deity as it referred to the powerful fighters... . One dude..., in greenish to bluish ninja battle gear, raised his sword as if to challenge the deity......... .

The next scene......had me witnessing a slaughter (*cringes*) (*feels my fingernails glowing in a squeamish manner*). The challengers were getting annihilated by the entity.....that had drawn a massive katana-like blade. Demonic aura 'fires'...surrounded the battlefield...... .

Me? I don't know why, I don't know how (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*), but I was standing over....(???) a.....designated target (???) an attempt to *HEAL*..….....(!?!?!???!?!) (why????!!!!?????!!?). Before me, I noted a mortally wounded and butchered figure....at the ground.... . I reached forth my hand, and channeled streams of cosmic energy (!!!!)......., and that with an intent to heal. What seemed like a swirling stream of a light blue starry mist.....emanated from my being. Uhhhhhh.....seems I observed the figure....morphing into some kind of heavily furred forest bear, and starlingly, I was *not* "holding back" with the energy that I donated in both concern and care. I mean, the energy was planetary in scale if not stellar or even galactic in scale (*cringes*)...... . I was acting in a way that I would act toward a female......(*furrows my brow in concern*). Why?????? By the time I was done, I guess I noted the target....was an (???) XX chromosome type......high anime Nordic legend class bear entity.... .

The scene shifted.... . I observed at the deity shogun guy retreating on account of the advance.....of the Nordic bear entity...., the bear entity that brandished some type of massive....enchanted wood mallet (*laughs about noting the mallet*). (*Gulps*). Approaching from some ways.....was me (!?!?!), me...who I noted a smaller bear entity grafted at, and I had a mystic Yggdrasil wood (???) mallet in my hand I guess........ .

(*Cringes*). The XX chromosome type bear....easily crushed the shogun dude with cartoonish strikes. Me? I hung back.

............. .

What was I doing.....?

What makes me worry, is that during later scenarios, I noted a 'tallish' 'brunette' 'named' (???) 'Dawn' hanging around at me......and 'offering' 'help'...... . (*Shakes my head*).

Yea, just what went on today....?????

And why was I all glowy with love and limitless feelings of hope......during that healing event???? What was I doing????? (*Feels my fingernails glow in a blushful manner*). Yea, I didn't even feel drained afterwards (*blinks*).
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