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Hunh??? 'Ghostbusters'???? / Continued Report From The Other Day

Oh yikes......(*cringe*).

Last night / this morning..........(*squints*) I woke up witnessing a toon world (!!???!!!).... .

Initially, I was gazing...at toon level Jeanine......(!?!?!)...., indicating that I was noting 'The' 'Real' 'Ghostbusters' I guess...... . (*Facepalms*). Was I on some type of lab table or laboratory bed or something? Gazing around....., I noted 'high' 'tech' toon level equipment....and what seemed to be numerous 'supercomputers'.... . Uhhhhh (*blushes red*).....I kept gazing at Jeanine.....,, and so I was in a "chill" kinda state initially. But then as I gazed down, I noted a Caucasian skinned scrawny body that was in some sort of (!?!?!) hospital gown, a gown that had an opening about....nevel......level.......(*feels my toenails glowing in a cautious manner*).

Uh......I watched at that Egon dude approach (*groans*)...., move the bed / table to an area under some kind of apparatus, and then (!?!!!?!) (aw heck no) start using a marker to draw....surgery prep and / or targeting lines......at my abdomen / navel vicinity area.... . Aw heck no. Dude 'knew' 'too' 'much'..........!!!! (*Feels my fingernails glowing in an alarmed manner*).Not giving time for any "Y" shaped incision he may have been prepping with that black marker, I shot up.....from the surface, and defiantly stood....as I prepared to materialize an electromagnetic sword with which to defend myself........ .

That's when I felt a hug.....(*groans with a vulnerable feeling of worry*) to my right side, and (!?!) for some reason (warmth?!?) (emotions of tenderness, concern, and care????).....calmed down.....a bit. Hunh? Jeanine????

My starlike / remote viewing form popped from my bodily pov for a moment (*gukps*), and..ulgh........my gosh.........I noted 'Venkman' (!?!?!!?!!?!) grafted at me.........before landing back down to my prior pov.

After perceiving (???!?) an arm around my shoulder, an arm (!?!) gently (!?!) guiding me to a seated position close to the seated hugger (*sighs*), I calmed down a bit....... . Uh oh. Some sort of cosmic / space fabric / dimensional storm must've gotten triggered in the excitement. The environment shifted to a starry cosmic expanse, and as if I summoned a black hole about my person........, me, the (???) figure beside me, and the platform.....I was seated upon....seemed to spin. Indeed. Spin, spin, and spin....... . I felt a (*sighs*) cozy hugging and cuddling sensation to my right side though.....through it all. Gazing right......I witnessed the high toon level Jeanine....change to a anime / subanime hybrid 'Ann*s*phia' 'Robb' (an obvious 'unsung' 'Fictionkin'...as event after event after event after event....attests)....... . Getting dizzy......., I looked down......to notice (ulgh)...whitish (and anemically energized) Sailor Moon transformation ribbons....loosely gripping...and even falling from....me....(*cringe*)..as I yet again noted the usual subanime Negro man.....grafted......at me.

The event reached a point where this place faded into view, where the darkness of this bedroom faded into view.....momentarily......, but after gasping for a while......, I found myself gazing at a view.....of Jeanine....(wearing a suit jacket, a pearl necklace, and (pethaps green) dress pants) kneeling at the beside me as I was on the ground. Staring at Jeanine's chest (*facepalms*)......., everything went to black again (*shakes my head*).


Oh. I just remembered an earlier event......which I'll briefly cover before I get into my report.

Yea, before the above reported event, there was some point where I spottled a very small Gadget doing *something* in a garage / garage workshop that was filled with work tools and the like. The Gadget seemed "catatonic" somewhat (*recalls past Serena events*), and after a shotgun or rifle...that was inadvertently nudged by the eerie acting Gadget.....fell, and discharged a shot, I raced in.....in a sort of "babysitting" type fashion (lol)....to try to guard and protect over the Gadget (whom I deduce may have been piloted by another portion of my starlike form that I have yet to merge with). The Gadget and I.....both hid though.....amidst noting some 'gargantuan' 'man' approach and enter at the garage area. Zooming back to my initial remote viewing point, seems observed a lizardman from 'Rescue' 'Rangers' (*inhales and sighs*) grafted at whatever form / body I used to interact with Gadget.


K. Let's just dive into this with the bullets format.

*Some sort of enhanced remote viewing state / mode took place....... . I witnessed some '***EXTREMELY***' powerful entities, and some '***EXTREMELY***' powerful 'society'...... . I hovered in the background....as I viewed at an expansive high anime scene...that seemed to either be in space, or some sort of 'command' 'headquarters' pocket dimension.......of some powerful force. Seems I had appeared just in time to spectate at some sort of legistrative and / or judicial council......., a council comprised of hundreds, coming to a 'vote'. Three stands, hovering stands each filled with multiple rows of representatives, hovered quite some distance from some sort of gateway or portal. The council had ruled to '***DESTROY***' an 'entire' 'universe'........on account of '*ONE*' 'MAN'......... . Yea, one man that the council ruled to be such a dangerous threat....... .

My emotions and my analytical capacities shot into overdrive. "What man?" I asked, and that as I asked if I noted the ruling passed at ***ME***!!!! Was I going to have to defend myself yet again????? I peripherally gazed at the portal..., the aperture portal / target / gate area....that was before the council. As I did so, I noted *streak* blasted past from the left and to the right, which resulted in me watching the stands / council stands colliding and jostling..... . The figure dove toward the portal......, that as an audible cry of "mother~~~~!!!!" (!?!??????!!!??) took place.

*Eventually I found myself......witnessing the depths of space in some unknown universe....... . I saw an object in extremely motion amidst scanning the distance. Darting forward and sideward.......at a means to track at the object, I witnessed a 'bada**' dude.......and his boys atop of some horrifically gargantuan 'bioship' that looked alot like a nautilus........albeit more elongated, and about the size of 7 subanime Homo Sapiens aircraft carriers......combined.

I guess the main guy (???) was piloting / guiding the monstrosity via his glowing and moving antennae like things on his forehead. He, whilst seeming 'bipedal' overall, had a head alot like a cephalopod. My starlike form hopped.....as I noted the dude, with glowing eyes, look at my starlike form (!!!??!?!?!?!?!) and suddenly boast..., boast and threaten to destroy all of reality...... . I grinned (*feels a glowing sensation around tummy level*), because I actually witnessed a *MAN* acting like a boss....., which aside from witnessing Kim J*ng Un, is kinda rare these days. He wasn't trans, he 'wasn't' 'virtue' 'signaling', he wasn't listing his demanded 'pronouns', he wasn't using any passive agressive (and insecure) Atheism dogma. Yea, but he was kinda stupid ~~~ (*giggles and cackles*). I think I even caught at a....squidy 'grin' from him (????????).

Me? I moved on...... . Yea, I did not want to put myself in the middle of whatever was going down between dude and that strange council...... .

*K. Next event had me on foot, and trying to see about getting some pizza =^_^=. I was looking around at the promenade deck of some animesque space station, and looking for a pizza shop. As I found a counter, (lol) I must've had alot of dimensional energy crackling around me. Energy that resulted in me watching the 'shop' 'attendant' changed into a belligerent and ghetto Negro that promptly lost it's s**t at me....... . Uh oh. Seemed all that yelling from the changed one caused a mob to gather. Looking down to my waist, I saw what looked like a little pinm apple hanging from my belt loop. As I grabbed it, I noted (*groans*) the flat hips of an anime XX chromosome type that was wearing green capris or such. The apple exploded and released a pink cloud of smoke which I used to sneak away.

After sneaking some ways away, I was still hungry. Eventually spotting at a petite anime level XX chromosome type concierge with close-styled red hair, I asked about pizza (lol). The petite one nodded, and tried to make a phone call for a delivery? Guess something came up though, so I noted the petite one kick off the dress shoes / heels.....thus revealing black stocking clad feet. Amidst watching at the petite one dart of with animesque athleticism, I overheard at some gossiping staff members referring to the athleticism of unit, and referring to the unit's apparently 'sizable' 'breasts' *O_O* as if 'advertising' for a 'colleague'..... .

Some moments later, I spotted at the sprinting concierge.......returning? Moments later....and blinking in confusiom, I grasped a plate that offered towards me. I looked at the slightly winded / panting concierge, and then gazed to the plate which seemed to have nacho casserole or something on it. I said thanks, and sat down to eat to a nearby area. Uhhhhhh........... . Woa. About every XX chromosome type I witnessed.....'stared' at me, that, and uttered strange claims of handsomeness at me (????????). (*Perceives floating blue eyes in my field of vision*).

Using my remote viewing form for a moment, I spotted a long-haired anime Tenchi / Tenchiesque dude...I did not find impressive in any way. So I thus got confused.


Whew. Guess that covers it for now.

I give thanks for the chance to experience the adventures and lessons that I experience =^_^=.
Tags: dimension diving, remote viewing
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