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Uhhhh.....A Free HDTV......From...Erza (!?!?!?!!???!?!?)...???????????.

Ummmmmmm, so I (*sighs and groans*)....., as I was writing yesterday's post...., noted the phone.... .

So I noted J's place, and was shocked to note a high definition tv (I've been using ancient tube tv's) offered at me (!?!?!??!) (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*), and a Microsoft console loaded with titles like Borderlands II (*recoils in shock*).

After noting dinner offered, I sat back and watched at the Neflix selection which dude picked..... .

I went *pale* with shock...........as I witnessed the selection..... .


*Feels my fingernails glowing with shock, and disgust*.

The screen showed the anime version of the high anime and armor-clad redhead (!?!?!!?!!?!!?!)....which I had witnessed subanime (auburnish-brown haired)..J.....'change' into......during a recent and reported event ( http://jagyggdrasil.livejournal.com/153942.html )....... .

I gasped in horror, shock, and disgust, and that as I ***also*** detected at a *VERY* *STRANGE* power spike at the location...(ulgh) (*facepalms*).

Me? Though shaken, I kept my mouth closed....... . (*Shakes my head*). I don't know why I observed dude checking out the Fairy Tail anime, but my lips are sealed. Yea... . I am already worried at dude 'knowing' at a certain amount of my IRL abilities..... .

Yea... . Me? I just don't know what to do or say about.....about this (*feels my toenails glow in shock and disgust*). If I note dude start talking about "anime dreams" and "flashbacks", I'm just going to keep quiet...... .

I will put the acquired tech into use though =^_~=.

Tags: local matters, revelations, trippy stuff
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