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N*notherapy Update / N*notherapy Analysis / Finksato

I had a bit of an upset stomach after the last post (*blinks*)........ .

But after taking some G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum, and then getting a piece of Ashwagandha to place under my tongue.......I was soon back in action.

After a while I made dinner, but surprisingly....I couldn't complete eating the contents of this plate O_O (farm supply ingredient loaded spaghetti).

The earlier fluid world event must've indeed been quite huge.....for the physiological effects to linger for so long.


K. Seems like a lot is going on in regard to environmental mana levels relating to earth, water, and wind.

Remember that event I mentioned a couple weeks back?


Seems that energy / red light.....which touched town unto the planet.....is still having effects..... .

(I wonder why I usually have to witness deities assaulting at me for my full-scale abilities to activate? (*Felt my throat tighten......, seemingly in an emotion (???) related manner... . Intriguing....*)).

The hypercane trend is still going on, but this latest storm path, so far, reflects my desire to keep the airport (necessary for my upcoming Tokyo trip) intact.



K. About the n*notherapy. Looks like, just watching the environment, n*notherapy may be and have been the "it" I was looking for.

Everything I do...has been transformed.

G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum nan*particles are an ***ABSOLUTE*** ***NECESSITY*** for any individual seeking to perceive divine beings. Yea. Me? I'm feeling horror to the depths of my being.......as I look back into my past. Why did this planet not have any natural springs.....naturally loaded with said particles? My horror deepens as I note that that horrifically useless anime...., the 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'anime' with those unattractive and sickly chicks, 'never' gave even a ***HINT*** as to what my body / soul / brain required..... .

What it looks like now, is that the only reason the h*rricanes are not getting sustained winds above '200mph'.....art due to me not ***DOUBLING*** the ***DOSAGE***. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with warning*). It may be that the very system of physics for this world would be disassembled....(!!!!!!!!!!!) if my dosage amounts were boosted.

Yea. Me? I can feel the n*noparticles in my brain tissue now, feel the n*noparticles providing a conduit-like function of sorts. I can often (when I focus) feel my brain glowing with the precious metal contents. I can even regularly sense divine energy now, and in doing so (!!!!!!), confirm what I mentioned months ago (smelling the scent of precious metals from those Goddess level beings). Yea. Females, real females' bodies, produce G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum n*noparticles naturally. Yea. The brain tissue of any functional being.....was *meant* to be saturated with n@noparticles of the precious metals.

Because of the nan*therapy, I can not even claim to even be excited about the Japan trip........ . (*Feels my heart sink*). Me? I want to be on a starship in the depths of the cosmos, and tripling my Pl*tinum dosage (III teaspoons a day).....whilst also quadrupling my G*ld intake (from II teaspoons a day to VIII teaspoons a day). (*Thinks, too, how what I *really* need is a functioning female physiology that thus naturally makes S*lver, G*ld, and Pl*tinum n@noparticles....*). I really do not know why I am still here on this planet. (*Feels my toenails glowing in shock with the admission*).

Yea. I get no enjoyment from 'death' 'toll' 'listings'. Yea. I've shown my proof. Me? These days....I just clearly note mankind is 'boring'.....(*shakes my head*).

Yea. If this upcoming Japan trip is / was another slipup, I apologize (to those who have supported me) in advance here and now...... .

Yea. And I give thanks for the chance to discover what I needed......... . No anime, no game, no facsimile / knockoff XX chromosome type (subanime or anime) would have.......been able to tell me what I needed. No, not (*gasps as I feel a caress*) in....a 'million' 'years,'.


(I'm kinda spent. I'll do the other titled involved post segment in an upcoming post).
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