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Ready To Permanently Move Into Deep Space / Visions Of The Arctic Or Antarctica



I know I typed and meant what I typed yesterday,...., but I was dizzy, dazed, and still in the midst of some "merging events"..... .

Yea. I have been inspecting the effects to the house's structural status after all of the storm stuff / mana surges / fluid world events, and I have come to a quite grave conclusion.... . Yea. And that after observing a yard and area that has had an explosive "mushroom bloom" (amomgst other things) due to my wildly manifesting water manipulation / water mana generation abilities. Me? I need to try to be realistic.

Even if I did move to Japan, what happens when I get upset again? (*Feels my toenails glowing*). What happens if I witness another stupid and impudent dude.....pop off at me with some antagonistic haterade? What if I witness another delusional and annoying Atheist unfairly / psychotically challenging at me even after I've proven my abilities time and time again? (*Shakes my head*).

Yea. What will happen to my terrestrial dwelling(s), my local environment, as my abilities reach new heights?

Even if I managed to avoid antagonistic ones, what happens if I throw up a literal ocean.......during my next surge event? (*Thinks about the effects of the wild weather....of this year upon this house*).

Yea, and these latest storms are just the introduction....of what is to inevitably come (*winces*)..... .

(*Nods*). I note mankind 'can't' provide me a Goddess, a beautiful...and adorable monkey...who can make me laugh, stir my feelings of attraction, inspire me, and ultimately and absorb and eat my mana.... . Mana that seeps from me and forms into storms... .

So I need to go into space..... . Deep into space..... . Deep into space...so that my loneliness...., loneliness generated on account of witnessing unfathomably 'alien' mankind....., may be eased.

(*Recalls the recent visions of some Arctic or Antarctic place that featured high technology, and what looked like a base or (*squints*) starship of some type*).

In order for me to calmly live on the surface of a planet like I hope to someday do, I would need to have my abilities fully under control..... . Yea, but right now my abilities are wildly flaring...whilst yet I'm mentally tired (at mankind) and upset (at mankind)..... .

*Nods*. I need a ship. A ship with a mana absorption and redirection device / system...... . A ship free from creepy weirdo chicks, passive aggressive.....'virtue-signaling' beta males, and doofus alpha males. A ship that can redirect the mana / matter I generate....and provide a stable, safe, and sanitary environment.
Tags: life lessons, life plans, situational awareness, striving for objectivity
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