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Exploring The Mountains / Scouting M*ning Spots / Just Chilling / Studying J

I been chilling the last couple days, chilling.....and having adventures on the road.

There were even some points...where I didn't know where was where...., that is...until the horizon was scanned for heavy concentrations of clouds (lol).

Lol. I heard at J remark that the hometown is always findable due to the / my ring of thunderheads that are often parked around it =^_^=.

If I ever noted a move to Japan, it would be cool if I could note J and his wife 'relocate'. Yea, I have yet to spectate 'J'....'act' like a lil 'b**ch'.... . I even witnessed him directly asking at me...about the details of the M*xico quake as if I caused it...., the quake that I was actually directly involved with. *Nods*. Noting subanime J is like noting an anime entity........ . *Nods*. Although I still keep my guard up, I note his 'performance' is way way way waaaaaaaaaay....beyond Poulakos, Finky, and Ketrino.

Lol. I noted J say that the Kim Jong dudes are stealing at my place in the world, and stealing at the credit for / of weather related abilities that I possess. Me though? I said that I don't wanna be a 'king'......:P.
Tags: adventures, anime erza, mountains, studying j
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