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Japan Trip In Just A Few Weeks..............

I have been occupied this week getting things ready for the upcoming trip.

Stumbled upon a vein of Black Ky*nite last week....to that pictured waterfall location.

About the trip, I am going to be carrying an assortment of of gemstones, perhaps more than a hundred..... . Gemstones of...red, white, clear, blue, yellow, green, orange.........., pink........, black, gray, and purple. Too, I have been meditating with my "Cosmo Bowl" full of (reds) m*ning material.

My focus for the trip will be fluid world events, specifically seeing about permanently rewriting this place / realm (*recalls last time*). I'll also be searching for artifacts / technological artifacts...... . Yea. I'm planning to explore shrine areas in rural locations for much of the trip.

Seems guaranteed that enormous events are going to take place with this trip. Last time, just setting foot....in Tokyo....caused the fabric of time and space to ripple........... . Now that I have trained even more, have undergone precious metals n*notherapy, have had access to the trump card artifacts, and have an assortment of cosmic energy charged gemstones with me, I am very curious as to what shall take place.

Whelp. Guess I need to see about getting some more m*ning work done today.
Tags: japan trip, japan trip planning, mining training, world events
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