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An Enormous Time And Space Wave Event.........

Prologue: Yesterday morning......I woke to witness a horrific and unknown entity....appear at this world and at my immediate presence. I did not recognize the entity, a voidspawn entity....that lacked at eyes, lacked at sentience, was filled with hatred, and had two strange 'antennae' or 'proboscis' like extensions...projecting from it's blob-like, colorless, and hostile....'form'..... . Waking up as much as I coukd, I dodged an attack from the entity at my person / body, and then actually "jumped back" behind my hyperdimensional defense barrier....whilst bringing all mana based objects within this realm.....with me. I then witnessed the entity destroy mankind, and watched at the abomination use the two proboscis-like extensions to try to corrupt all data in all existence, data I guarded with a shield..... . That was when an eerie screen popped up in my field of vision, a screen much like a Wii U menu interface screen (?????).....(*recalls menu screens from the latest navi*). Refusing at the entity, I reached forth my hand from the safety of my barrier......and noted the entity deleted..... . Some type of "reset" took place..... . A big reset. A reset that I watched over from a hyperdimensional vantage point.


Woa. Yesterday evening I noted a dinner invite? After dinner, I was sitting....on a couch, and noting two Canis lupus familiaris (dogs) (Zinkerdoogles and B)....'nestling' at me..... . I went into a restful state..... .

Waking up some while later, I had a ***MASSIVE*** headache. I did not want J to freak out, so I tried to hide it? Hide it, and just plan take sone herbal medicine upon getting back home later...... .

Well....on the way back to my house, a green flash, a green explosion took place ahead as a street lamp / light / storefront light......on the road directly in front of my house...blew up...,into a mass of light and sparks. That was when I calmly mentioned my headache.....situation, and that as to avoid J driving up to investigate the event site.

I eventually got into my house.....with my head just utterly ***POUNDING*** with pain. I went straight to gemstone covered bed, and even after lying back a while.......my head hurt so much that I eventually found myself kicking my feet (???) (which is unexpected for me), clutching my head, and groaning in agony......(*feels my fingernails glowing in ecstasy to the memory*)...... . I soon perceived my head..., it's interior contents, figuratively speaking...."on fire" with a literal white light / white energy.....of a sorts. Something was going on with my brain, and I groaned....in agony...as the intensity of the light kept getting brighter and brighter. My head contents gkowed white, perhaps (???(! starry white.

A presence (???) appeared.....to my senses then, appeared (*blush*) as I thought of Dawn's (the real Dawn) name, and ***yearned*** to insert my head into her armpit (for a soothing pressure point targeting headlock). By then, I think I had been spasming and convulsing with pain........ . I felt an embrace (*blush*), a hug....from a busty being? (*Blush*). A warm being ~~~...... . A familiar being? A loving being ~~~~....... . 5o my shock....., and that even though like events have happened in the past, my pain.....eased (!!!!) to the being's starlight energy laden hug. (*Tearfully gulps*). I then heard a feminine voice mentioning their intent to help me sleep, sleep whilst the pain was eased. I gave my deepest thanks, and both rapidky and willfully descended into sleep....as I also felt a sensation of IV tingly wings on my back. Just before drifting into sleep though, I noticed that it felt like I was sensing an aurora (???! above my house............. .

I sensed eerie energy patterns when I next woke. Opening my eyes, there was a large and seemingky beyond subanime......city around me. I looked about the location? There was no men, no Homo Sapiens present. The air felt very peaceful...... . However, I detected at a strange power......at an area some ways away, so I walked to investigate. Examining some sort of garage-like area, I witnessed a strange 'nest' of bugs.... . Apparently, sone major reality wave was underway, and I noted the bugs, bugs mostly 'hibernating'....., were all that was left of....what 'had' 'been' mankind......... . The 'bugs' were the 'condensed' 'embodiment' of all of the evil that had manifested as subanime mankind....... . That was when I noticed that one bug, a bug with a 'pink' 'scarf' (rather than 'baby' 'blue' like most the others)....started violently thrashing.....from it's 'hexagonal' 'cell' or whatever. Uh oh.

Instinctively dodging the first attack........., I observed that my behavior was shifted from usual.

For some reason....., I had no desire for a 'traditional' 'fight'. I flew high into the air, and shot toward the North. Detecting at a powerful mutated bug monster in hot pursuit, I shot even faster North.....whilst perceiving an oncoming icy wind. I felt the entire world over, and myself included, transform....with a white wave of hyperdimensional energy....as I blasted for the North.

Even5ually halting to the North Pole after not detecting the enemy......., I flew South? Yea, but something was going on. The prior cumulative landmass of the planet had been rearranged into the shape of a new "supercontinent" (??????). Yea, and a massive pair of island-like continents....made it clear to me the continents had been reshaped into the shape of a smiley face. A " ^_^ " shaped smiley face / face shape that featured a pair of hair tails (?????).

Flying further South..., I found myself (*winces*) witnessing signs of a '90s' outbreak...and gaxing far ahead...I seemed to spot at equally strange...(?!!?!?!!?!!!?) 'Sailor' 'Moon' anime related figures standing silently (?????) at an area directly ahead of my flight path. Touching down......to what seemed like a yard setting from decades ago, I witnessed strange (!?!!!???!?!) 'Sailor' 'Uranus' (*hears a blast noise at the distance IRL*)...and 'Sailor' 'Saturn' '16-bit' 'avatars' standing silently..and without making any motions whatsoever....... . The strange figures were powerful (*winces*)? As I slowed down to investigate at the chibiesque 'Uranus' entity, I recoiled...and dodged an attack...., an attack from a (!?!) '16-bit' 'Mandrake' akin enemy......that had a likeness to a BOF2 (?????) 'boss'..... . Memntarily eyeing some growing stalks / caps of some red and white mushrooms (?????) on the ground as I dodged, I found myself dodging yet again...and having to erect defensive fields at (???) a seeming attack from a Negrofied 'Sailor' 'Uranus' (????)...(!!!!!!!!!!)..... . Seems I woitnessed 'Sailor' 'Uranus' changing / changed into a 6'0 'Negro' " 'aunt' 'Wanda' " 'character' from the 90's................., and one that was backing up a 90's Cutlass Sierra or some such junker car.....directly at me (*winces*). (Now I realize...that I was likely observing a scenario just like whatever happened before my memory did whatever it did........III decades back).

Within some moments.....everything went into a black expanse type of event....., an event whereby I got some rest.

Yea, but then....I heard at a 'voice', a 'narrator', claiming that Son Goku had used 5he dragon to (????) totally delete a multitude of unsavory and ill-fated 'possibilities' '/' 'universes' '/' 'multiverses'.

Confused at the voice, I think I glimpsed upon an image of a flying mecha / Skell before drifting into a state of slumber.

Waking back to my bed, the world, my surroundings, felt both fluid and "shifted"....... . If this was a precursor of what is to come in Japan in just a couple weeks (*feels my tummy area glowing with relief*)......., the workd really is about to be permanently transformed.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.

*Feels my nails glowing in gratitude*.
Tags: fluid world event, time and space phenomena
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