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Stormbringer / Storm Cleanup Company "Investments" / Abilities Caught On Camera / Tenchi

Trigger Warning:

Hmmmmh. *Nods*. (A new level indeed, and I am still holding back most of my newly available energy / abilities until the Japan trip in a couple weeks).

I spent yesterday on a "job site" (a site that had a downed tree due to last week's storm activity).

Guess what? I now note an (!?!) "administrative position" of a "new" storm cleanup and lumber "business". A business with 6-7 'professional' 'lumberjacks'. Me? Since I can cause and direct any storm I please, I can note lots of "company business"........like I did yesterday.

How does it feel? How does it feel to note 'money' as a consequence of my newly awakened abilities? (*Shakes my head*). Well.....I was not expecting this.......... . I actually somewhat confessed at the business owner about my abilities IRL....... . Why did I confess? I got caught on camera.......using some of my abilities IRL. What happened after that? I noted all the pizza I could eat.

*Sighs*. I note mankind has been such a disappointment...... .

But it is what it is. So here it is. I'm going to use my abilities to stand on top of this world. I want some food. Good food. And I want some private land in Japan, land which was always mine *ANYWAY*, and all of that so I may erect a hyperdimensional shrine. (*Nods*). I'm not going to sleep in filthy "homeless shelters" to appease mankind's vanity and solipsism. I'm not going to rot in some 'nonsensical' 'psychiatric' 'facility' due to mankind's irrational 'phobia' at reality / hyperdimensional beings which cannot be dominated....nor used at mere 'tools' for 'petty' 'social' 'advancement'. Yea, and I am not going to tolerate any more blaming / framing....."feelings" and "hurt feelings" for mankind's chronic misbehavior. Naw, that mess ain't bout (true) feelings and (true) hurt feelings, it's just plain o!d narcissism, solipsism, and narcissistic injury.


.................... .

If I note silence, antisocial recluses 'avoiding' at my approach, and cold leers.......during my upcoming Japan trip, then consequently this world shall be permanently enveloped by storms of every type. Far far bigger torms than those previously displayed. I control the sun, I control the earth, I control the wind....... . It is what it is. Yea, ignoring at me and what I can do.......'hasn't' 'changed' the reality of the situation. Either I note good food and permanent lodging in Japan during this upcoming Japan trip..., or the "technology" of this world will be shut down (*thinks about solar storms and geomagnetic storms*) (*thinks about downed power lines due to wind and rain*)....and blown down.


Oh. Before I go, let's cover some events from the last week.

- A couple days ago.....I found myself in an eerie dimensional space.....stanfing in confusion. A saw what seemed to be a place of books...., tomes, that had eerie physics present. A beyond anime being with long purple hair and perhaps glasses (???) approached me. As I gazed upon the being who had blue and white...pristine and scholarly looking clothing, I just gawked... . The being asked me something about accessing me (???) and / or my knowledge....... . I (*facepalms shyly*), transfixed by the being's resemblance to a monkey.......(*feels my toenails glowing blushfully*)...took no offense...as the being reached to my forearm and touched me. A patch of white very bright white formed on my arm....., and I looked down in to my arm in a calm manner. Was my mind being accessed? The being consequently asked me a question about "starlight", or something related to " starlight", and / or something related to me that has been named with the word "starlight". (*Inhales and sighs*). (*Shakes my head*). My brain functions....being what they were during the time, I just acted like a wild feline...and purred.....because the being's voice was so soft, and her eyes so full...and pretty..... .

- Earlier today, I had some kind of realm / dimension related event......where I got upset and decided to note 'Kami' 'Tenchi' 'form' (after mentioning I would do so aloud)........so as to note two offender dudes erased. I saw a sword a transparent white light form in my hand. The event gave me a chance to detect at the power limitations of anime class entities, *AND* it let me confirm that there is indeed a realm infinitely beyond anime that is characterized by emotive light / living light. (Yea, and the only actual women in existence).

K. That's it for today.
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