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A Taste Of What Is To Come?

Did I just experience a taste of what is to come? A taste of what is to come....when I bunker down to a prophesized shrine location.........that has filled my visions for over a decade?




Well.....I do know this. The very fabric that comprises this world was rippling moments ago, rippling as a rather casual and yet unprecedented (in intensity and duration).....fluid world event was upon it. An event whereby darkness and an eerie chilled vibe overtook this realm, and an event whereby I witnessed a shocking visage of Usagi Tsukino and a black felid.....(*inhales and sighs*)....as I peered through the chilled darkness....... .

(*Inhales and sighs again*). I guess I will do a writeup, and that....even though I am *supposed* to be in conservation mode until the trip.

*Examines at the 'burns' on teh Negro male's arms*.

After I note these 'burns'.......'heal' 'up'.........though.

[To be continued in the late night / early morning].
Tags: fluid world event, mystical encounters, sailor moon, time and space phenomena
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