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Boosting My N**oparticle Intake / A Walking Jewelry Shop..... / Trump Cards.....

Hmmmmm. As usual, my abilities shift into a new gear by Autumn......... .

Yea, what happened yesterday has me very concerned..... . What happened? I'll post a mini report to the bottom.

I'm going to be doubling my S*lver intake from here, and by next week I am going to resume taking my trump card items (though in very small portions). Yea, I need to be ready for the trip, and if possible.....I want to surpass whatever condition / status (*coughs*) (of an apparent gender based (???!) nature) that had me doubled over / fainting in pain....during the flight....last time......... .

Since I note the "Sailor Moon" anime / anime incarnations as a whole hath been primarily useless, horrifically impractical, an extreme disappointment, and an abject embarrassment..., I'm not even planning to be in Tokyo for the bulk of the trip. I'm not going to sulk all lonesome and sad within some lonely Minato-ku area urban mall...during my initial days back. Me? I want to go *MINING* for gemstones, and I want to meditate in the wilderness, so I'm going to be heading away from Tokyo. Yea, and I'm going to bring along a varied assortment of my hand-mined S*phhires, R*bies, Quartz, Ky*nite, and S*ll*manite.

I'm not expecting company, but I will not be hostile.........if I note some monk dudes "picking up" at my energy emissions.....and congregating at my location.

Yea. This trip should be interesting..... . Very very interesting......... .


Mini report:

I was stuck for quite some time...witnessing a 'random' as '______' 'Nicktoon' (*cringe*).....'world'. Yea, and after noting an awkward scene whereby that 90s toon Doug dude.....was grudgingly claimed as a 'friend' of that 'green' dude........., I *guess* I was launched into witnessing another strange place. Me? I haven't / don't really watch "Fairy Tail" much....so ,i don't know, but it *seemed* as if I popped up at a 'guild' 'war' (?????). Gazing below to the ground...from my high altitude vantage point, I spotted at dudes fighting...... . But looking up to a sky...filled with whitish-pink clouds...., I noted (*blinks*) at....an anime Lucy or anime Lucy-like blonde...XX type....that was just standing at midair. The hair-tailed Lucy-like one was facing off against some gimmicky anime chick (with a whitish pink cloud shaped hairstyle) (and a top that left midriff exposed)...that was encased in a whitish pink thundercloud. Seems I watched at the one in the cloud....use some type of thunderclap move.......that caused the anime blonde to wince and do an ear covering motion. Yea, and following that, seems I noted the pinkish-white cloud unload a torrent of rain (????) on the blonde.... . I froze with concern though....when I spotted the anime blonde standing / hovering with hnds clasped, and emitting a *very* strange and worrisome golden waves of light...... . It was about then that I think I watched that one in the cloud...freak out and leave....., and I think *I* was about ready to run.

As I was about to run, the word that I was clearly recalling.....was "Etherion".

My remote viewing form froze though, I froze, as I suddenly noted the anime blonde blink, open it's eyes, and state "Etherion......?" in a questioning manner. Yea, and with a voice that was spot on to the supposed 'anime' 'dub' (*squints*).

*Recalls at the Rave Master version of Etherion, just as I was during the event*.
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