Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Remembering Last Year

After some Rosetta Stone time on my *ancient* personal console, the very console from which I reported my initial tsunami events over a decade ago, I listened to some tracks.

Something happened, happened via all the glyphs and energy I have instilled upon the console.... .

As I sensed a major energy flux wave passing through the vicinity, I remembered last year. Specifically my prophecy on this journal. Yea, where I stated what would happen if I noted 'financial' 'bullying'.

It came to pass last Autumn, and (!!!! the land ***BURNED***. It just would ***NOT*** rain.......around here.....for months!!!

Yea, then my when pyrokinesis flared up around / after noting Halloween, and boom....... .

Well, in regard to this Japan trip, it is like I am carrying within me ***OCEANS*** of luminous blue energy (*winces*). Energy that reminds me of the literal light from a literal blue star. (*Recalls the light that manifested the other night during that bonfire*).

Of all my prophecies I have ever made, I have yet to have a feeling.....like that felt *RIGHT* *NOW*.

Yea, and now I see........what it is that I have noted the enemy so paranoid at..... .

All the financial sabotage, the scummy fake payrents, the ghetto scumbag fake family members, all the loser fake friends (*recalls the college days*), the exposed liar preachers, the defeated Christian Bible nonsense, the speechless / deposed fake doctors, the exposed surgical strike DSM nonsense, the fake scientists (*recalls at that Rehder dude and 4th / 5th grade summer field work*), the heartless / senseless ghetto cokehead payrental (muh welfare check excuse) rejection at my 1996 Japanese exchange student plans, the terrible fake teachers, the brutually scripted grade 6-12 ghetto fights / assaults / jumpings, and all that evil...........'was' a paranoid reaction at this energy that is stirring from domancy within me.

K. So here it is. (*Prays*). (*Feels my heart strain*). This may be my last prophecy (*hears the wind pick up*)....made on this version of the internet, so here goes...... .


If I note cold silence at my Japan trip, and do not note full access to my shrine lands and my resources, then that is it. It is done. Not so much an '*atom*' of mankind will remain. I will literally wash the fabric of space, I will wring and twist it so....., that not even the 'smallest' subatomic particle of mankind remains. All space, all time, will be washed down..., washed down so that not even the 'tiniest' 'quark' remains of mankind / mankind's indecency / mankind's 'history'. Yes. If I do not note full access to my lands, my resources, my food, my water.....generated by way of my own energy and strain......, that's it. I'll watch every structure upon this world tip over....... . I'll watch it all fall, burn, bubble, and shift to heated plasma.....as I survive on....... .

If I remain calm, I just.....may note mankind 'upgraded' to anime, and continue this dance.....a little while longer.....(*thinks about the motion of the planets.....in the above reference to a dance*).

I do not personally demand respect from mortals, but I will *NOT* stand for such callous dispect. Bruised egos are not a valid excuse..... . Insanity is not a valid excuse. Either I have permanent access to my land in Japan, or I'll not note even a trace of the Homo Sapiens race...... . No excuses. No rationalizations. No negotiations.

This is mine.... .

I'm coming for what is mine.
Tags: claiming what is mine, erecting the shrine of my dreams, japan trip, justice, prophecy
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