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Sleepyhead Woke Up.......? / Not What Nor Who......I Expected / Packing Teh Bags Part II

So on the eve of the Halloween, a trippy and quite funny event went down...... . During a dimension diving event or fluid world event, the landscape was transforming....constantly......as I searched for a quality jazz guitar amp (*chuckles*). Stepping from a platofrm that may....or may note have been a transformation swept bus, I (!!!??!!!!???!!!!?!!!) heard a very familiar music theme....

fill the air.... . I mean, really and truly, it was like some kind of code / dimension storm event was going down. Before finding myself back in my bed, and utterly dizzy, I had a view at an odd subanine Asian XX chromosome type teen....that was held up and possibly (???) restrained by an unknown figure / pair of arms. After hearing at the strange 'protests' of the one that claimed to be old, I watched in horror at the strange one turning into a withered hag, and then some angry and midgety...imp looking demonoid that had a hole in the center of it's strange and u frie dly face.

Upon dizzily waking up to my bed for a while, and passing the time, I tried to rest........ . Thr next events took place.

After such a long time of not witnessing him, and not even checking at the 'new' 'anime' (past episode six or seven)....., I witnessed anime 'Ash' again...(*raises my eyebrows*). Remotely though? Yea, and seems I may have noted he, anime Ash, having fell into some anime lava...... . That was when, gazing right, I noted some kind of anime deity..., one....strangely enough...like an anime tree-like entity, reach a wooden extension / tendril into the lava to scoop up anime Ash.

Watching at the boy lifted high into an anime sky, my view zoomed back...... . Yea, and I noted a misty / cloud surrounded island mass, an blue anime ocean, and an island sized........anime deity.....that was like both anime plant, and anime rock. It sorta had a somewhat turtlesque overall body shape / build, and tendrils / vines undulated around it. I detected at ***STRONG*** god level powers.....from the entity (*blinks*). I'm actually reeling a bit...as I recall at the power of that entity (*gasps as I suddenly feel a caress*) (*coughs*).

I was ready to type.....after such an event, yes, wake up here and report it on my private word processor file.

But rather than my bed under me, I woke noting the top of a (!?!?!!?!?!?!) noisy and beatupcarriage......jostling at my sternum / stomach. Groggily gazing forward, initially, twas like witnessing a supposed '1900's' motorized carriage....with some pilot dude holding a very long and rusty bar of some type. But after a fluid world style flux wave took place, I noted a military truck..... .



Looking about, I witnessed a lot of scrawny dudes sitting and chilling (*chuckles*). I gripped tight noted a canvas roof / truck top thing.....(???) under me, and looking to my right...I witnessed an Asian dude with a buzzcut. Looking at the dude, I, silly as it is, got all worried about my luggage.... . My luggage left "back home" (!?!?!!?!?!), and the items / clothing that had yet to be packed. Uh...(*cackles*), I guess I watched the man's face reaction indicate unusual 'concern'....and maybe even (!??!!!??!!) 'acknowledgement' (???). (*Shakes my head IRL*).

So I soon found myself in bed...., sitting up, and very dazed and woozy.

Yea, but it was like I had double vision, double sensory inputs (!!!!!).

As I rubbed my face, all groggy and disoriented, I *also* and *simultaneously* had a somewhat rear-view and overhead...type visual (????!!!??!!?) of a somewhat luminous blonde being....wiping face / eyesstanding in a black expanse (!?!?!!??!) that went on for every direction. (*Feels a shock glow for me left toenails (???)*).

The being ***clearly*** was not Homo Sapiens. Unh unh. Yea, and as my thoughts (*gulps*) and thinking flared online to wakeful levels, I sensed the thoughts / mindwaves of the being shift. I recognized then, that (*inhales and sighs*)....that mystery being was me.... .

What did I see? A seemingly tallish (?) being...wearing a casual jacket (*gulps*), a being with a petite shoulder span I am surprised to have seen. Um, while I saw hairtails, and hair rolls / buns, the hairtails were quite loose and relaxed....and even went wavy...as they descended to the tips. Also, though (underneath the hairtails), was long hair not in tailed formation.....hanging down...(and also wavy to the tips). I sensed emotions, and mindwaves emitted from the nerve-like / nerve-imbued hairs of the being, and I knew right the. that the being was not Homo Sapiens (hopefully "human" though, right?) (*worries*) (*feels my nails glowing*). The being was tired, and sleepy.

What really cinched it for me that I was seeing a being of the likes which I have yet to see, took place as I gazed down (*gulps*). The being had on either some type of long shirt, a dress, or a skirt...(*turns purple with shock*)....., but now and even then...realtime... I "undetstood" the "why". Watching the being take groggy steps forward, I observed the being's ***way** different center of gravity, and kinesthesiology. Pinpoint steps with no lumbering (*recalls at the Negro dude I usually witness..grafted at my POV for research purposes*)....., no 'waddling', no 'thigh' 'chafing', and utterly quiet steps (as such)....(and even as the being was clearly groggy and disoriented). Gazing down more...I saw a thigh gap (!!!) that continued down to a ***knee*** ***gap***............. . Seems the bring had hip structure, hip anatomy, pelvic anatomy that has no frame of reference to subanime or anime Homo Sapiens...... . (Yea. I postulated that anime XX chromosome type clothing would not possibly even fit this being). (Which is very poetic, since I too....note the boy-crazed anime Serena does not does not fit with my personality and behavior). Yea, and as I gazed up again to the overall view of the being, I sensed a (!?!!!!?!???!?!) very clear...and discernible......nature energy / sylvan energy signature that radiated from the being. The being had an energy overall presence / signature that was, overall, "wet" with the signatures of energetically charged rainforests, trees, streams, rain, mountains, clouds, and plants.

(Hope this means I can skip the pains....experienced during the last flight.............).

Hmmmmmmmmm. I can only ask "why" in regard to the event........? What brought it on? Was it this impromptu summon / focus session from the other day?

Maybe it was the upcoming trip?

Well, it is a serious matter for me, and as such, I spent the day packing clothes and preparing the travel bags for the trip.

I give thanks to the beings who made it possible for me to, even in this day and age, have such mystiying experiences.


Oh. About this trip, it is in no way associated with Fictionkin / Otherkin. I had no support given in any form or shape from 'em, and there is ***no*** excuse for no Fictionkin ever getting up from the stinky and untidy house / basement.....and putting in some gosh danged research travel time.

Yea, rather than wasting time to bout the last (and quite dead) Fictionkin forum, I'll be watching at the powerful G*P dudes before...and maybe during....my trip.

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