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Message At F**risStar........ / Free N*ntendo Sw*tch Giveaway Offer

*Sighs*.... .

My trip to Japan was not a 'suicide' 'trip'..... .

Glad I noted 'all' the 'bills' 'paid', and had a toasty and fun home to come back to.

But it is what is?

Yet again in Japan I witnessed FenrisS**r.....(*shakes my head*).

"What" is FenrisS**r??? (*Shakes my head in shock*).

Did I slip up last year?

What to do?

Should I try to offer a free Nintendo Switch at F*nrisStar (by February or March), and possibly see about multiplayer Nintendo navis / software next year?

(Yea, and by a means where no address information is shared either way).

I dunno..... . (*Shakes my head*).

Me? I'm not going to try to lie here. I just want to move forward.......with the world events again. (*Thinks about how I, in RL, note Aves and Anne many times a week and just talk & chill*). Yea, I guess maybe I did....slip up last year? I don't know...... .

If I do note a Fenris*tar reply though, and do a privacy / address protecting Amazon Nintendo Sw**ch giveaway, might have to not talk about anything more than casual level topics.......online.....if stuff even goes that route. No hyperdimensional matters or personal stuff. Yea. I'd talk just like I do around town IRL. Yea, talk about food ^_^. Talk about Japanese food...... .


(*Recalls at that F*nrisStar 'money' 'spell' witnessed last year......*).

(*Gazes upon this picture*).



Yea. I would be *glad* to have a no-strings-attached free Switch giveaway, even if just to have confirmation and proof that my heart is not filled with hatred (*gulps*), corrupting hatred that isn't my style........ . Hatred that would be an insult and risk at any and all the innocents I have sworn to protect. (*Feels tears going down my face*).

And I note 'plenty' of 'money' nowadays.

Tags: life lessons, shock, soul searching, trials
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