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Why *DID* I Fall In Love......Last Year???

The free F*nrisS**r N*ntendo Sw*tch giveaway offer still stands, and that even after sleeping / thinking on it...... .


(*Thinks about how I saw the giveaway icon days ago......as noted an 'order' placed*).

How do I feel?

Confused, in shock, and maybe even terrified.

Why, last year, did the starry maiden event...happen weeks...if not days...just before noting F**risS**r's LJ message / LJ comment?



And why, why for a pair of times.....during ***MAJOR*** energy events in Japan, have I witnessed Fen*is????

(*Feels my brain straining*).

(*Recalls the Skype events*).

And, my gosh, how and / or why....did I fall in love last year?

(*Feels my brain straining more*). (*Feels a mysterious caress to my right side*).

For all I can tell, I am not suffering from a bruised ego because I do not have an ego to be bruised. I'm just in shock....... . Utter shock..... . Me? My daily life consists of processing information, forming strategies, testing theories, forming predictions, and objective observation.

For me, only hyperdimensional beings cannot be predicted.

Oh my gosh, so, since I did not predict the possibility of a dual trial partner, it is ***VERY*** likely it is true?????????

I think I am going to go rake the yard, and rest my brain for a bit. If, in a week or so, I must send my soul like year, tap at Fen*is' shoulder, mention the Switch giveaway offer, and deeply apologize........then so be it.

Yea. I never intended...nor wanted to treat any real living, breathing, feeling, and space fabric generating person like a disposable science project.
Tags: life lessons, questions, trials
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