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More Studying......... / Fen***S**r Nint*ndo Sw*tch Donation Logistics

Wishlist donation style item gifting?

That'll let me hide my name, and address..... .

Yea, I am working on the logistics for this F*nris*tar Sw**ch giveaway offer.... .

My Sw*tch is supposed to be shipped next week........... .


So all it would take...is F*nris*tar setting up an Amazon account, doing the registration of a wishlist, and dropping the wishlist link here....after or before an identity confirming Skype / mobile phone call.

Though I am not expecting that fast of a reply, I'd be willing to even send a Sw**ch this month...if contacted in the next II days (and if Amazon can have any more consoles in stock this month). (*Rubs my scalp and winces*).

That vision I had a couple weeks ago.....as I noted an expensive hotel.......and TBS (anime central) tower......just across the street....

featured a traumatized person. If any item in this place can help ease the suffering of a traumatized person, my guess is that it would be a free N**tendo Sw**ch.
Tags: life lessons, logistics, nintendo switch
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