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Unexpected F*nrisS**r Related (!?!) Storm??? / What Class Of Event Was That?


Since when have I had to give my stomach time to adjust after a vision and / or intense fluid world event???

Feels akin to a fizzing sensation in my head.

The lights keep flickering, and shutting down.....only to come back on. Not sure how much longer I'll have electricity....due to the sudden snowstorm / ice storm effects. (*Feels VERY dizzy*).

Uh.....do I note F*nrisSt*r is a 'Sailor' 'Scout'? I just witnessed extremely weird stuff. K. A fast rundown.

Last night I hatched a plan. I planned to utilize Serena / Usagi to search for any possible dual trialer.......?

So I settled into bed, and meditated on my goal.

Rather than waking up to the mountain S*pphire sanctuary as usual, I experienced the very sort of event that *DID* *NOT* happen after half a month in Japan, and V nights.....just a few blocks from the Hik*wa shrine of all places.

I woke disoriented.....to some sort of time and space event......, perhaps even witnessing a 1999-2002 (!!?!!?!!) "Mandela" catastrophe......... . I woke to observe at a strange subanime house, a strange and changed Negro dude with another set of dreads grafted at me, and even noting strange and foreign 'thoughts' bombarding at my consciousness.......... . Yea, 'thoughts' about 'high' 'school' coming up in a couple hours..... .

I tried to get up...after witnessing Negroes (*recalls at the strange dude with the outdated '90s' 'box' 'haircut'*) I did not recognize, maybe another replacement fake 'family'?

I made it to a couch in some other room, and recovered my senses. I manifested a status console / grid...with which to assess the environment and situation. A swirling low pressure system was above the location, and lightning / electricity columns touched down across the immediate location, and the region...... . That..as a ***huge*** storm with a counterclockwise or clockwise rotation.....was approaching from the North Northeast direction. Seems like a new kind of reality storm event was perceived..... .

I must have dozed a while after that, but leapt up in an alarmed manner as soon as I could as I detected at an irritated figure approaching. I sleepily got up, and tried to gather "school clothes" for myself, and that even though I read at a clock that listed 9:49am or so. That was when the view / visuals of the scene....fractured like glass under pressure, and I viewed something akin to a hyper blue crystalline dimension or such manifesting upon the location. After a brief flash to a dark crystalline dimension visual, whereby I think I must have witnessed high anime Sailor Uranus, and high anime Sailor Uranus (along with a bunch of others)......I realized something was up. When things calmed down a bit, I noted the subanime house again, somewhat, but (!??!!?!!) witnessed a whole *bunch* of high anime XX chromosome type 'Sailor' 'Scouts' sitting in civilian clothes in the entry room. I clearly was not impressed, and that as I kept reaching for suddenly manifested school clothes items strewn about the room. Uhhh......I think I must seen a pair of jeans which.....high anime Usagi / Serena 'sat' 'upon', so with no respect given (probably due to the super quiet Tokyo time a couple weeks back)...I grabbed the jeans and pulled on them.

I was shocked to observe at the high anime one..briefly gaze at me, raise up, relocate to ano5her seat as I reached / pulled, and just continue on with a very in-depth conversation with another target / other targets in the room. I squinted, and examined at the high anime Usagi. I noted the high anime one was wearing like some sort of black......dress shorts / vest or such attire...with white stockings / vintage 80's white body sock. Detecting at the 'brain' 'waves' and 'emotions' of the one, I may have detected at 'delicate' 'hurt' 'feelings'. But after what happened last month, I had no respect nor acknowledgement to give the anime level 'Sailor' 'Scouts'..., so I just kept moving........

......until I suddenly found myself in bed here......again...........gasping as the lights flickered, and stuff fell / toppled over in another room. I was nauseous, but managed to call "who's that!?".....

Urgh. What was that event???

Why did it only happen after I tentatively Skyped at F*nrisStar about the free N*ntendo Sw*tch offer.....(just like the snowstorm which has shut down this entire and unprepared region)???? How could F*nrisSt*r have more of an effect than a mobile shrine unit....and G*ld / Pl*tinum / S*lver including.........Tokyo trip?????

How...????? I mean, how could the Starry Maiden I love so much............, the Starry Maiden who inspired me so much....be here....and trialing with me right now......***BUT*** grafted at by a 'subanime' 'Caucasian' XX chromosome type???????
Tags: mystery, storms, time and space phenomena
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