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Sw*tch Just Shipped / Upcoming Integration Event........

Seems the Nintendo Switch just shipped =^_^=.

Yea, if the snow / another snowstorm does not slow it down, it should be here by Wednesday.

[I do not know *what* is up with all of this super chilly and icy weather. It's obviously trialer related. Yea. A trialer's emotions went *WILD*. *Nods*. I have yet to even experience a NC December even close to this in low temperatures and snowfall. Gosh......... . I'll have to remember to get a heating refill later this month, and that as a means protect my guitars].

Yeeeeaaaaaaa~~~~ I'm going to go ahead and have / trigger a tech integration event with it.

Whatever the way or form, *I* have a direct link to any true electronic technology in this mindscape world.

In a couple days I will experience the fruit of my work, access my Yggdrasil system integrated Nintendo Switch, and see what I can do with the consequent massive boost for my abilities.
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