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A Windy.....Icy......And Lonely Night / And The Ark Sails By...............

*Chews the husk of an African Dream Root stick and gazes into the darkness*.

(*Hears the distant singing of a female voice on the icy wind.........*).

I'm not cheering and dancing...this time, in regard to vision proof.


Hear that? That's the sound heard when you note not one of mankind has a grip on reality. I heard the same sound after my tsunami event......XIV years back.... . It's obvious that my visions and abilities are consistently proven and have been consistently proven.

Seeing as how a record-setting interstellar object.......shaped *exactly* like the main hull of the starship from my black hole starship illustration just barreled near the planet.....and then soared on, the likelihood of the dual trial scenario has ***SKYROCKETED***. (*Gulps*). *AN* *AMNESIAC* *DAWN* *IS* *LIKELY* *HERE*....... .

If it was just me here, why am I not currently onboard the cosmic structure, slipping into something comfortable (*blushes*) (*smiles as thinks of hyperdimensional Tifa in kitty ears hoodie pajamas*)......, and consequently watching this planet utterly disassembled by a black hole.....as I snack on pizza bites.......????

Why am I still here????!!!???? (*Groans in shock*).

Who needs me here????? What needs me here????? Why???????

It's time then? Time to plan for the unveiling of a move I call the "Shining Hug".

A technique that I probably noted 'ECT' 'imitate' at.


If there is another trialer, I may have to hug them, hug them close, flood them with all the cosmic energy and electricity I have, jump ignite all of their *obviously* dormant brain areas, and *synchronize* their brain waves / brain patterns to my own brain waves / brain patterns. (*Nods as considers the brain reset option*).

I do not know if they will have any memories of the last III or so decades after that...., and I can only guess what kind of effect would take place for the environment. (*Thinks about the long-term seizures they would likely have though...., and also worries about issues like possible vomit inhalation and heart arrthymias*). Yea, but if there is another trialer, this is an emergency. Yea. Said trialer would not even have passed the development levels I passed back when I witnessed '1998', and that whilst her having been traumatized to very grave levels through the years.

If a full regressive mindscape reset is inevitable anyway, I'd rather keep my memories.....and specifically the results of my training....... . (I had to work decades to develop my mind to even comprehend the identity, scope, and scale of hyperdimensional beings). (*Recalls my initial environmental control / vision events took place as I noted the 9th / 10th grade........*). (*Recalls the life-saving discovery that feminine thigh gaps and feminine hip dimensions / hip angulature are directly related to the presence of a hyperdimensional being's sacral brain organs*). The Shining Hug technique scenario would let me salvage my decades of training and work, and help the person I love remember me, remember our family, and remember our homeland.......(*feels my fingernails glowing*).


This is a major decision, so I will try to give things time. How much though, I do not know. Yea, the "Shining Hug" might even "mind wipe" the target completely. The recipient might even revert back to a "toddler" form (*winces*). (*Feels a hair caress*). That might be for the best though.....if the individual has only been witnessing lies, liars, treachery, deceit, torturers, and useless / fake knowledge.

Yea, if there is another trialer, had we been synchronized, that "tumbling hulk" barreling through space would have been our paradise. A starship loaded with food, consoles (every Nintendo selection that ever was), precious gemstones (treasure chests filled with pure Diamonds), and vital training amenities..... . Something has to be done........ . Yea. That tumbling hulk is my wakeup call....... . If the dual trial scenario is real, in the name of love, something would have to be done to help my incapacitated partner. (*Shakes my head*). (*Feels my fingernails glowing with love, concern, and worry*).

(*Thinks about the head brain, and then the paired brain organs found to the base of the spine*). (Head to head contact, and both hands placed to both sides of the base of the spine.........then). (*Feels a tear trickle my right cheek*).

(*Recalls the mysterious hugs that fostered my own awakening, and then gawks*). (*Sees a pair of eyes in my field of vision*).

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