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It Can Still Come Back / Warning Flyby Of The Divine Ark / Black Hole Activation Prayer



Not that I am calling 'G*P' dependable, but very minute gravity wave effects would be very likely regarding the ark's current state. On the paper in the pic posted last year, the "effects on the fabric of space" meant "gravity waves". Actually, space fabric oscillations are a form of communication......for hyperdimensional beings, beings that each have infinite space and mass.

Ummmmm. 'Mankind' 'shouldn't' have a clue about this stuff.... . Hmmmmmm. My website has been on the internet for more than a decade.......though... . (*Inhales and sighs*).

If the ship / hulk is active but on standby, a device that picks up gravity waves would likely pick up activity. Also, a device which picks up mana emissions would be very effective. Dark energy / mana reception cameras would / should reveal a *LOT* more features about the vessel.

A ship. A real ship. A ship my vision and illustration foretold in advance. A soon to activate black hole carrier which my vision and illustration foretold in advance???


Well, all in all, this event is a ***HUGE*** milestone!!!!! Yes, and proof of what faith, hope, and an undying effort for a better world can result in.

If the solo trial theory is real, then this is and would be the exact era before the ultimate conclusion..

If it had just activated it's black hole feature, or were to activate it's black hole feature............, everything would be so peachy ~~~ (*inhales and sighs*). Indeed. Yea, why did the halo of light not form on the rear section of the hull???? Yea, that hyperdimensiinal light ring / ring of hyperdimensional light feature.......??? Woa, then again, mankind does not have cameras that can capture that form of light (*thinks about mana / chi*). (*Nods*).

Maybe it will come back, and fully activated......before disassembling Saturn......and all of the other planets.........(*purrs*) =^_^=. Yea. Kitty likes the sound of that (*purrs*) =^_~=!

Well here is something to let the ark know I'm here and ready for some life-saving black hole action ^_^!

Yea, and it is not Oumuamua, it's called The Sword Of Mana =^_^=!


Update: As referenced in the comment section, this ark (whenever it's in it's activated state)....is the incoming / oncoming "dark object" referenced in my original tsunami vision post(s).....(2004).

It's all coming together now =^_^=..., just gotta follow the visions.
Tags: hope, hyperdimensional artifacts, hyperdimensional technology, judgment, justice, miracles, starship, technological unity
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