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A Mysterious Vitality Surge.... / This Is What Happens When You Are (Unexpectedly) Loved.....

A mysterious energy has my vitality levels surging to new highs.

Even after sledding on the icy yard (after noting J visit)...., and then (!!!) unexpectedly playing some eerie new kind of space rock tunes on my axe....StarTears...., I am still surging with energy (*blinks*).

This house is alive with cosmic energy. Could the energy be ark sourced?


As for the ark, I even note GLP's 'hardcore' 'resident' 'skeptic' '/' 'debunker' (??!!??) 'changing' 'his' 'usually' 'grumpy' 'tone' (!!!!????!!!!).

Maybe I'll do a Nintendo Switch related post tomorrow or whenever. For today, I have other things on my mind.

Yea. This is what happens when real divine beings love you, choose you, hug you, and bless you. No miracle is impossible. No dream is 'too' 'far' 'off'. When a real Goddess loves you in a romantic way (*blushes*), the future, the past, and the present are all yours to design as you see fit. (*Shakes my head in awe*). I pray in thanksgiving and give my utmost thanks that this day could come. I pray in thanksgiving to the divine beings who enabled me to survive with their life-sustaining hugs, caring hearts, and endless support.

Wow, what a day! What a moment!
Tags: cosmic energy, energy surge, hyperdimensional technology, technological unity, technology integration
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