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Full Red Alert / 2004 Was Just A Readiness Drill......... / Seasons Greetings =^_^= ~~~ !!!!!!!!!!

Trigger Warning: Only immortals should read this post...probably? Beings with bodies that feed on black holes and the like? Indeed, beings that can savor the oncoming feast of celestial energy, and celebrate the meaning of life.


*Feels my eyes glowing a hyperspectral red..........*.

*Calmly inhales and exhales, feeling my eye color return back to what it was*.

This December reminds me of the time before my big tsunami event way back. I'm even in the same mountains...... . I even have the same guitars. Yea, and I'm tired now just like I was then............ . So tired. So weary.

Tired. Weary. Hungry. Thirsty. And needing to visually see pretty women ^_~.

Yea. As the soon to be activated ark heads into it's destined blasting position, it's on.

I don't have any hatred to scream (*inhales deeply and sighs*). I feel peace inside. I feel excitement, yes (*blushes as thinks of the pretty hyperdimensional beings I am soon to visually and empathical!y / telepathically perceive*), but too.......I feel an expansive peace that fills my soul.

If there is time, I am actually scheduled to note 'community' 'Christmas' 'gatherings' 'and' 'church' 'services'...this month.

Hmmmmmmmm? I haven't 'forgiven' 'mankind'. Unh unh. Not a chance. My mind, and whatever mental abilities I had / have / could have, could never have imagined I'd witness such a horror as mankind. My judgment has not lessened. What must be done, must be done (witnessing trillions upon trillions of false multiverses deleted). Why do I feel so content? It's just that I have learned so much about life, so much about myself, and so much about the way the world works. Yes, and I am thankful. Too, life goes on, and so much fun (*swoons as recalls the beautiful soulmate pair.....who supported me this whole time*) awaits..........me. Yea, I'll actually have a chance to have a real career =^_^= ~~ !!!! (For the record, I am planning to be a tater farmer on a pristine hyperdimensional agricultural planet =^_^=). I really want to see about having a girlfriend, a pair of girlfriends....too..........(!! *feels a loving caress to my scalp*).

Yea. This is an awesome time full of wonder, and excitement.

So before the concluding and continent-splitting quakes take place, before the yellow ringed planet (Saturn) gets disassembled (which was seen during that vision last year)......, and before the main cannons of the ark...fire.............I want to make merry =^_^=.

Yea, so let's dance. Let's drink yummy spring water. Let's find goodies under teh trees =^_^=!

Because it's gonna get real............after the starlight snowtree festival season passes.

*Feels my eyes glowing*.

Tags: earthquakes, hyperdimensional artifacts, judgment, prophecy, tidal waves, world events
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