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Preemptive Declaration......... / Let's Aim To Maintain Some Calm And Order.......


It's time for quiet about the hyperdimensional artifact.



It's time to witness the fake news 'go' 'silent'.....after dumping some final disinformation (lies).., and carry on about the usual...'liberal' garbage / nonsense (the latest in victim claims, pretentious arguing, and annoying virtue-signaling). The artifact is not 'alien' (*grins*) (it's of a hyperdimensional basis)...., and it will never be "understood" by mankind. I note 'mankind' is not ready for the truth (this page has proved that for more than a decade).


.......I don't want the 'weak' to freak out.

(*Shakes head*).

I do not want to be blamed for weak ones going crazy...... . I do not want riots and chaos.

Who knows if I will see another December for this planet? (*Nods*). I want to enjoy this season.

Yea. Me? I do not plan to leverage my abilities and resources into 'dominance' and 'tyranny'.

Yea. No cash. No sluts. No 'positions' 'of' 'power'.

My interest is justice. Justice for the innocent.

So from here....let's keep this interstellar object stuff quiet.

From here...., according to the vision, it's just a matter of waiting to note that strange 'attack' 'fleet' (mankind's final 'stand') deleted........., and the main cannon / black hole effects set into action.
Tags: hyperdimensional artifacts, justice, life is awesome
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