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Switch Night Lol......... / Prepping To Note Combat At An Astral Level / Wanna Switch Too?

Amidst chilling in the captain's chair to me mountain S*pphire sanctuary.....for quite a while....

.....it came.

The truck almost slid down the icy driveway, but I went on foot (barefoot) to grab the surprisingly little box.

Cool =^_^= (no pun intended).

Later tonight (after some house cleaning)....I will log into the Switch servers, possibly note an online subscription, and use the name Zinkerd**gie as my handle =^_^=! (With "oo" rather than asterisks for the actual screen name). Yea, I plan to be undercover......, and put some distance between my Switch avatar and this website. (I may even make a Zinkerd**gie web journal / Twitter / YouTube soon......as a means to do like I do IRL, and witness 'popularity' =^_^= and 'lotsa' 'online' 'normo'......." 'friends' ".....lol. Guess I'll even see bout noting a Negro dude avatar with dreadlocks? Lol.


Oops.... . Just found that I did not have the Skype open to anonymous IM's (from those not on the contact list). I had to modify it last year due to continually noting 'multiple' random and seedy..unknown....camwhores sending icky IM's and video calls. (I posted a pic last year).

I am now available to the Skype jagyggdrasil screen name, and that whether it be to note 'fights'......'/' 'challenges' from challengers......., and / or a Nintendo Switch and G*ld at F*nris**ar (via dual way privacy enabling Amazon wishlist gifting means).

If I note any fights 'setup' though, let's go over my guidelines in advance?

A) Snout Grabbing: Snout grabbing, whether the receiver is in a humanoid form or not, is allowed =^_^=!!!!! (Yea!).

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... . I think that is about it....for that...... .

K. Time to put this thing on the bed, and get to mopping / house cleaning.

Tags: chilling in the crib, nintendo switch, technology integration
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