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That Was Straight To The Point.............

Okay ~~~~ ^_~..... .

So it was destined then?

Initial moments in, and already there is a mentioning of an enormous "World Tree" (Yggdrasil).

As always, following the trail of any sign(s) of true femininity.....always leads. (Who or what is Mithra supposed to be????).

(*Feels my scalp buzzing*).

Where am I about to go???


I think I may be about to have a visit to the "real" location, the hyperdimensional source location, on the hyperdimensional plane??? That, or perhaps overwrite this entire realm to match what is on the screen. Not sure yet.

Suits me. I'm not a 'gamer' anyway. I never was.

Hope I'll see some pretty ladies =^_~=.
Tags: dimension diving, fluid world, nintendo switch
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