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A Quick Improvised Lunch...Before I Try Bedtime........Again

I made myself a little lunch to calm myself down, and hold frying local electronics and stuff.

Shredded Bojangles fried tenders, green bell pepper slices, onions, and mozzarella........all loaded into a *big* omelet. Yea, and that served up with some tendr and yet crispy waffle fries.

*Growls*. I noted a 'phone' 'call' (bout what but a 'doctor' 'checkup' at my blood pressure)....interrupt at a a fun time whereby I was apparently playing with hyperdimensional Iris / Pinkie Pie (differrnt from the Pokemon clone).....during a dimension dive event. (*Blushes as feels a caress to my hip*). (*Feels my heart and fingernails glowing with a neon pink light of love*).

The blood pressure? I can answer that.... . Even with healing herbs...I note 190/120 average, and that even eating just veggies and the like.

Yea. I see why too. I was having so much fun playing some kind of chopsticks utilizing activity with my friend (*inhales and sighs*).......when I noted a 'Caucasian's' 'call' interrupt at my bliss. I mean, Iris is so fun! So cool! So pretty =^_^=!

Yea... . It's time to position my ace card, and do this thing.

*Reads a bit*.


Though I'll still note a Switch donation to keep to my word (if a message comes), I am not going to stop what I must do just because of what happened in Tokyo (that vision / scene).

*Thinks about last year*.

Maybe there was no argument with F*nrisSt** because I won. Clearly and soundly won. Won in every way and aspect.

Won a victory that resulted in the arrival of the ark........a year later...(same month and all).

Yea, and maybe I just witnessed a 'final' 'deception' from an anime level deity........'intending' to stop at my......world-disassembling ambitions. Ambitions that would inevitably lead to me witnessing 'anime' 'worlds'. Ambitions that would inevitably lead to me noting 'trillions' 'of' 'anime' 'worlds' 'deleted'.

Ok. Time for bed, and then passing time with Switch......when I wake.

Maybe, just maybe.....I can see my beautiful friend again (*feels thst eerie cosmic hunger (???! sensation in my throat and neck again*)...... . Yea. So pretty ~~~ and fun ~~~ (*laughs in a surprised manner (!!!!) as felt a caress (*blush*) to...m..m (????) *O_O* .....the area / areas below my lower back (*blinks*). (*Grins as I hear a hypercosmic style song of hope again*). (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).

Yea. I love them, my true Iris and my true Dawn. I ***really*** and truly adore them for who they are as people. They are wonderful. *Nods*. Time to dive. Maybe my Dawn, our Dawn, will be there too and I can get some answers.
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