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Oh...My Aching Toenails / What Kind Of Fluid Event Was That.........

A fading and jumbled local public environment.....scene....that transitioned to teh clothes (*winces and growls*) just melting away........and me standing unclothed in a vast black expanse of pure darkness....?????

What kind of fluid world event was that????

Yea, then when the mixed up public setting (a pizza parlor???) returned....., I found myself facing at a strange entity (*perhaps felt a kiss as typed*) that 'levied' 'house' 'inprisonment' at me???

*Shakes my head in shock*.

I shifted to the Peach state, and materialized a car...as a means to run, but noted a strange and warped 'castle' or 'mansion' of sorts.

The noted the strange entity, after talking about drugs (???) somehow or way (???)...., kept baiting jealousy...(*groans as feels mt toenails aching*).....with 'male' 'suitor' type talk.

After I said certain words, and *really* prepared to go (watching at the dressed up....and yet 'heartbroken' entity 'wilt' at my words...........(*feels guilt in my heart*), I flew into the horizon............ . Yea. Only to find myself noting some kind of 'warp'..........or perhaps even wind effect......that resulted in me touching down..about where I launched from. With the world fluid, I noted a 'showdown' from an entity that was a 20ish XY chromosome type man one minute, and then a pistol-toting 'redhead' (with a braid perhaps) XX chromosome ttpethe next minute. (*Inhakes and sighs*).

Another fight? *Facepalms*.

Fensato (portmaneau of Fenrir and Misato)........ . (*Inhales and sighs*).

(*Thinks about my rope and rehabilitation cell statement last night*.

Hmmm. Why are my toenails aching so much? Is it an issue related to the fluid workd event and mana flow????? *Groans as feels cosmic energy pains as a result of my own skyrocketing energy pressure*.
Tags: fights, fluid world event
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