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Mankind's Most Powerful Man / A Dragon Dude / Seeing A New Point Of View

Went a couple of towns over...yesterday.

Due to the Peach related event that took place yesterday, and since I am not really expecting any sent messages about the acceptance of a donated Switch by this point, I went ahead and picked up this.....

...yesterday. (Maybe I will get Breath Of The Wild next month, and maybe also Skyward Sword for throwback purposes).

I was eerily sleepy and woozy today, and left a lot of my dry item cooking supplies in the truck (*facepalms*) (*shakes my head with embarrassment. Still, I got a lot done, studied J and his spouse, and made sure to donate / gift.....a truckload / truck bed of food......as both an early season's festivities gift....and...a nod at last month's Atlanta drive / Japan trip support.


I actually witnessed J kinda get the "misty-eyed", and subsequently noted J treating a Twin Whoppers (!!!) dinner along with some sprinkles loaded chocolate smothered Twinkies as dessert (*chuckles*).

Yea. Times like these are what I wanted. Days free from 'hatred', whereby I get to study freely, observe, and learn. Oh. Found I have a new ability....(!!!) available. It is called "thought insertion". Guess what? Now I note J claiming to want to go to Japan *with* *me*........, and too I note he wants to bring along about 100,000$ worth of recently mined gemstones after acquiring a working visa. Yea. Why is that notation big? Last year I heard at him say he would ***NEVER*** fly on a plane. He's changing? Yea. The once hard-drinking dude that stopped alcohol and alcoholism cold turkey in 2016............., now talks about an old phobia as if was nothing, and wants to make a money in Japan? Dang. He is powerful. Yea. And on top of that, an alpha male that does not punk out like a ***ch at my generated thunderstorms, demonstrable abilities, and earthquakes. (*Nods*). I enjoy studying at J, and it is never a bother to do so....really.

Yea. Really? Noting J has been healing for me (*cackles*). Just more proof I am not attracted to men, because dude has killer 'player' 'potential'......, but I am not attracted (no offense intended to him)..... . Not being attracted to him......., and that amidst noting an alpha Homo Sapiens 'style' 'best' 'bro's' 'experience', shows me who I am.

*Notes an airport picture from last month*.

*Studies at the dragon tattoo*.

Lol. Lately....I have discerned at him 'getting' 'powers'........ . Strong powers.

I think I am going to administer brain-boost medicine Nootropics at him soon.

Yea, I'm not agreeing with F*nrisS**r, but chicks 'suck' (*shakes my head*). So boring, fussy, petty, insecure, uninteresting, and empty (on average). Cowardly too. 'Herd-think' afflicted bozos (on average). I am actually more reminded of hanging with the true gendered heroes from the homeland........by way of noting a sportsman / huntsman / brawler / lumberjack / alpha male like J........than noting vapid and batty Caucasian chicks. Lol.

Yea, I have learned a lot studying J, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Yea. I really am questioning the dual trial scenario again. If the dual trial is real, why wouldn't the candidate be a being whom J is grafted at? The very J that just claims to be merged with a black dragon that resides inside of him. (*Thinks*).
Tags: dragons, life lessons, studying at mankind, studying j
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