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Morning.....*Yawns*....... / Lab Rebuilding / Not The Snow Festivities Season I Was Expecting......

Hunh.... . The very day I post an airport pic, the very same airport was in the news, and is still in the news.

Hmmmmm......... .

I'm going to spend today sweeping, mopping the hardwood floors, and dusting. Yea. That, and preparing to get a new bed frame soon. Yea, my bed keeps floating or something during certain events (*thinks about all the Sapphires on the bed though*)....and I do not want any of my bedside vintage tube guitar amplifiers / specialized guitar cables damaged...........so steps must be taken.

I am glad that the ark / starship flyby event has gone back "quiet".

How am I feeling these days?

Kinda overwhelmed by a wholly unexpected "soulmate ache" sensation.........? It's like there is a cheerful person, a (*laughs*) female with enormous vitality levels and a personality..brimming with curiosity, who is supposed to be in my life.........and maybe visiting this house regularly.... .

Hunh? It's all cool. You know me by now.... . I'm not going to be deceived into having any 'inherently' 'creepy'.......'and' 'abjectly' spooky'...'Caucasian' XX chromosome type knockoffs in this house.

Unh unh. (*Shakes my head*). (*Recalls at that 'Christmas' 'party':'trick' I just dodged teh other day*).

Me? I'll just try to keep myself occupied with house maintenance duties, and possibly next year...see about getting an electric bouzouki, a keyboard, and eventually a pedal steel guitar.. . Oh, I need to get a loop pedal again too (*growls a bit as recalls at that druggie thief fake payrent's crimes*)...... .

Hmmm, I guess I also need to get loads and loads of strings to restring all my spellsong instruments too..... .

*Thinks about dusting the telescopes, and getting them ready to gaze toward Saturn*. (Do I need to get some high magnification eyepieces for my refractors?). (Thinks about last year's vision of what apparently was Saturn).

*Thinks about the mining pans, and the material in the workshop room*.

Hmmm? The Nintendo Switch? I have hardly even touched it. Am I not impressed? I dunno. I've got a lot of things to do really...... .

I guess I will nap a little bit more before having some rice and veggies, along with a swig of G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum.
Tags: house maintenance, housework
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