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Awwwww.....Another Fried Phone? Seriously??? / I Have Been Visiting Dawn Daily Lately........

A....another fried phone???? (*Facepalms and groans*).

Now I see why I noted the phone which is priced 5$ at. I mean, if I am going to keep blasting phone after phone.......(*shakes my head*). Yea. Mobile phones do not work in the pastoral and deep country zone where I live, so I use a MJ.

Yea. I am not going to complain. I would rather have life-saving and cosmic scale abilities that I struggle to control, than not have any abilities whatsoever.

I guess I am just going to have to get yet *another* phone, and switch the ringer button to quiet (*shakes my head in shock*).

*Blush*. Wherever Starry Maiden Dawn is, I have been visiting her regularly for the last week. (*Sighs with concern over her condition, but relief that she is alive*). Why are her eyes usually closed......whenever I visit??? Why does she often seem so woozy?? Well, what matters to me.....is that she is alive (*nods*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). I probably zapped the phone as I was visiting her............., and that because I did not want any 'caller' 'interruptions'.

Yea. I truly love her, Dawn. And she loves me.(*Feels my finfernails glowing with gratitude*). Makes sense my abilities would flare up and blast wildly if she was involved.
Tags: contact event, dawn, house maintenance, issues controlling abilities, relationship matters
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