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Work...Work....And More Work / How Much Longer? / Herbal Medicine Is The Ultimate

I spent most of yesterday doing housework, such as cleaning the furniture, mopping behind teh furniture, and putting up stuff from the Japan trip.

I then washed my hands after mopping / cleaning, and made a mozzarella boosted omelet filled with breakfast foods.......since I was noting a guest coming over? Yea that 'lil fellar Aves ain't had no food all day.

Eerie as it is, I note my cooked food items and my medicines have (*shakes my head*) startling effects.

I bout watched at the 'lil dude (all 6'2 and 218lb of him) turn cartwheels (lol) (*chuckles*) after a farmstyle omelet. On a serious note, I have even heard at Aves confess / claim I have depression warding abilities (???? (*raises an eyebrow in a puzzled manner*)).

After making dinner, I was on my way to a holistic medicine charity job. (*Cringes and groans in horror*). Yea, my medicine worked so much, seems I noted a 'dog's' 'life' 'saved'.... . A dog a couple towns over. I went to check at the dog, a purebred Boxer. Reacting at my Sunday medicine treatment, he had expelled a mass of nasty roundworms, and what looked like a monster tapeworm.....after having had a severe / dangerous intestinal blockage over the weekend. The dog that was hobbled and sick over the weekend, wagged his tail, danced about, and greeted at me?

After the dog had such a drastic recovery, word had spread (*facepalms*) around town apparently. I shook my head, and refused at phoned in 'money' 'offers' '/' 'job' 'offers'.

Me? It is just my instinct to try to ease suffering. I do not really want money, and I certainly do not want 'fame'.


I have done my part locally to try to make this a warm and festive season, but my Japan trip, the (*shakes my head*) incredibly puzzling Tokyo vision, and the starship flyby matter hath shut down any expectations of a festive season for me. (*Notices a pair of glowing white eyes by the ceiling*). (*Seeming hears the words "baby ~~~ I love you ~~~......" spoken by a mysterious voice*). (*Raises an eyebrow in a puzzled manner*). Really, I'm worried about Dawn, my Dawn, the hyoerdimensional Starry Maiden. (*Felt a touch to my hair*). Why have I, amidst trying to visit *my* Dawn, been catching at 'the' 'stench' of that ND / SD 'death' 'zone' (*shivers*).........????


I have been trying to form a timeline of events based on the distance of Saturn.....


..........but I do not know if that will work. The vessel has spacebending capacities, meaning it can seemingly "teleport". Not only that, it could also unexpectedly adjust it's speed. Hmmmmm. Speaking of spacebending, I need to awaken my own spacebending abilities so I can appear to "teleport" myself. Thing is, why have I not done that long ago? (*Shakes my head in shock*).

As much pain as I feel about the matter, there is no way for me to deny the possibility of a dual trial. No, not gazing upon the situation objectively (*gulps*).

You see, many many years ago.....I had a contact event / vision. I did not post about on here, because I did not know how to handle the event myself. The event seemingly involving a panicked and hyperdimensional Tea...who was dressed in a whitish nun-like robe (*inhales and sighs*)......, and seemingly begging for my help, assistance, and advice...... . The vision probably happened as I noted '2007' or '2008'. Yea, Tea is ***Dawn*** (and Momo)..... .


Well, if I note a "most dire case scenario", and a dual-trialer partner is here in North America and was found last year, the trialer was still not ready to come here. The subanime graft was in a berserk 'state', and the real Dawn (whom I love) was....(*shakes my head in shock and worry*)........ . I mean, ***I*** noted so many 'ghetto' 'brawls' and violence....that I "woke up", preemptively discerned at the enemy, and dodged the 'psychiatry' conjob traps. Yea, and developed demonstrable defensive abilities.


Hmmmmmmmmm......... . If the dual trial is real for this instance, what would have happened to Dawn.......had I not been here to reach her?

And what would have happened to me if I had not been so driven to come to the internet, post this journal, post proof of my abilities, and all in looking to find and defend her?


If the most dire case scenario is real, I am going to need that flyby ship to have onboard rehabilitation facilities, and confusion treating herbal medicines like Bacopa Monnieri.
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