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Fried It......... / Was That A Fluid World Event Or Dimension Dive......???

Trigger Warning: I would not advise 'snowflakes' to read this post.

So yesterday I witnessed 'the' 'doctor' yesterday, and surprise surprise........I noted 150/111 stated at my blood pressure levels. I got upset at the 'nurse' making a lotta noise.......and a 'big' 'deal' at it, so I fried the internet / medical services net for the whole downtown area with my matter manipulation abilities.

Lol. I noted the 'office' 'crippled'.........., and noted 'businesses' 'disrupted'.

I had to hold in laughs as I noted the idiot 'desk' 'staff' report a "area wide outage" after freaking out on the landline phone(s).

On the way back home, I noted 'grumpy' 'workers' out in telecommunications trucks......(*nods*).....'scrambling' 'about'.

I worry a bit though, because what if it is my pyrokinesis abilities that flare online next time???

I'm so tired at annoying Caucasians................ .

Yea, I need that starship to hurry up.



The patience I used to have.....has shifted to a very fiery quick-response type of thing. Yea, it is as if I have no patience for mankind.


I just woke up and / or got back here before writing this post. I witnessed terrible fights. Was that a fluid world event just now, or a dimension diving event?

Well, in the event...I witnessed a 'medieval' 'zone'...., and I noted a 'team' of 'knight' 'dudes' terribly angry at me. (Recalls at the "Furuba" or whatever......clan / association term thrown at me*). Everything had been going okay.........as silly me, in knights armor, had been studying at the 'medieval' 'dudes'.....'lifestyle'. Yea, but then I noted the Negro dude grafted at my POV start changing.......... (*facepalms*). With my identity exposed, I noted some deity level attack strike.......at me, one inolving 'deity' 'crests' like some strange ones witnessed during my days of noting GLP.

*Nods after looking at that strange 'picture'*.

I was not injured, but I was startled.......... . Yea, such so my starlike form popped / ejected.....which left me staring at the animesque...XX chromosome type body (*cringes and winces*) grafted at my (*feels my stomach sink as I type*).....prior point of view.

I floated about a while.....via starlike form, and analyzed at the 'crests'.....until I noticed that my previously inhabited body was being traveling rapidly to the Northwest. I made sure the deity crests constructs at the room got deleted, pulled up a detailes "tracker map" of sorts, located my / that prior body's exact location, and shot toward some "_______ Woods" labeled place.

(*Growls*). When I found my prior point-of-view, I observed 'ropes' at my arms and wrists. Perhaps I also / even noted my catatonic face...facedown in some mud??? Yea. And I also found myself spectating at a slave trader caravan encampment.

I do not know if I had ***willingly*** shifted myself (*cringes*) (*feels my tummy sink*) into a...ummm....Rinpoo / Katt / Br**th Of F*re form, a form in skimpy bikini top and loincloth, ***BUT*** if I did....(*shakes my head*)........I need to double down on my efforts to have some sense. (*Shakes my head*). Yea, seems I had just noted a 'slave' 'trader' 'sale' situation dumped at me by the two 'knight' 'dudes'....I had previously studied. 'Sex' 'slavery'....... . (*Feels the very fabric of space quaking in an upset manner....around my navel area, and aeound my body as I type*). I touched down to my previously inhabited point-of-view, only to witness some nasty and barking man.........talking down at me, and naming some 'lord' he claimed I had been sold to (*cringes and groans, feeling the sickened response of my body*). No way. No way whatsoever. I stood up.......shook away at the disintegrating 'ropes', and tried to figure just what form of defensive blast I would use at the dudes. But as I stood, stood and noted Negro male skin 'returning' at my arms second by second........, I had to duck?

Yea. A metal cage (!?!) was dropped at me?

Yea, and I must've witnessed an insane mob of hundreds rushing at the cage...by that point.

I got serious, and released a matter configuration wave...... . The setting, the new setting, was that of a disco, a dance floor / club....., and I noted some of the strongest attackers changed to 'modernesque' 'liberal' 'snowflake' 'wimps'.........whilst noting the others deleted.

I had managed to form some running pants onto my legs, and a t-shirt onto my torso, but I was witnessing a blonde and short XX chromosome type like one of those from "Frozen"....... grafted at my appearance / stats. I raised my fists as I caught at some fighter dude approaching......., and did some spinning kicks as a warning.

I did another matter configuration wave, and this time used a laser sword as a means to defend myself at what looked like a squad of hopelessly warped void assassins........ . Yea. Lifeless abominations. (*Recalls perhaps....hearing a guiding voice that instructed me to look up some point, and that moments before I witnessed three diving assassin entities*).

Seems that wrapped up the matter.

Before eventually waking up home, I found myself noting a strange scene of 'locals' and some church (?????). Uh, a 'tall' and 'basically' 'topless' XX chromosome type brunette was sitting at the church pew behind me, holding a book, and 'lovelessly' 'flirting' at me? (*Cringes a bit*). (*Also recalls glancing at Anas***** sitting at the bench behind me*).

*Shakes my head*.

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