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Personal Questions For Jag...... / Thinking About My Ship.........

Q: Was it worth it Jag? Was it worth it following the path of mana? Has life been worth it for you?

A: Absolutely, and again and again I must say yes. Life has been awesome.

Though my waking hours are largely spent suffering, all my pain is and has been at the 'external'. Yea. My experiences of suffering are a direct result of witnessing 'the' 'void'. Yea, but even my suffering hath shown me valuable lessons, the lessons of who and what I need.

Q: If the solo trial scenario is real, what will a starship mean to you?


A: Absolute peace and paradise. The gateway to any and all possibilities. Yes, peace, comfort, and an environment free from poisonous and monstrous XX / XY chromosome types. It would mean a chance to tap deep into myself, and access the energy flows of my universal form.

Q: Would you get lonely on a ship by yourself?

A: Lonely? I've been abjectly lonely whilst witnessing a loud, dangerous, and annoying 'crowd'......for more than III decades. If anything, my loneliness, my present loneliness would be *eased* by way of not witnessing spooky and alien.....subanime / anime exodimensional XX / XY chromosome Homo Sapiens.

Q: You would not take even one Homo Sapiens onto your ship?

A: I'm not suicidal, so no.

Q: Do you hate mankind?

A: Just because you are keenly aware at the dangers posed by a dangerous force, and take the necessary precautions to preserve your life and health (and the lives and health of others)......does not mean you 'hate' that force. I do not hate mankind. No. However, I do not deny the objective facts. Yea. The hyperdimensional plane does not have a place for mankind, hence why it is hyperdimensional, hence why it is paradise, hence why it is free from crime.

K. Time to suit up, reach deep into my energy well, and dive.

Wonder if I will witness more 'fake' 'gender' 'transformations' like last time, or skip right ahead into perceiving a hopefully possible (?) (for me) original gender form (*ponders*).

I need practice using cosmic energy, so maybe I will perceive a true gender true......form with actual hips tonight (*blush*). Yea, sacral brain organs attesting hips / hip alignment / thigh gap.

no title

no title

Yea, right there to the base of the back column.......... . That's the key........to utilizing my abilities too (*nods*).

*Takes notice of my new eye ability, and how I can instinctively recognize hyoerdimensional hip alignment angles ........*.

*Thinks about the other organ systems which only original gender beings possess*.

III flesh based brains, and III crystalline basis midbrain organs to each of those flesh based brains. *Meditates*. *Feels my available data processing capacities skyrocketing*.

IV brains around the waist area. Each brain having more data processing capacities than a Homo Sapiens 'brain'. *Meditates*.
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