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No Person With Any Spiritual Sense...........

No person with any spiritual sense would condemn themselves to 'The' 'United' 'States'..... . This is not weaboo. I am not talking about 'anime' nor 'games' (neither of which were really experienced nor followed last month). I am talking about spiritual energy, I'm talking mountains, streams, and tatami mat floors. I'm talking about quality of life.



Did I come back early again? Even after XV nights overseas??.

I knew it would happen, but much like I expected, coming back to witness the filth and stench of American 'culture' (*groans*) was an experience of sheer agony, torment, and pain.

Yea, Appalachian mountain range g*m mine or not, somewhere in Asia, like maybe Thailand / Burma, has to have more gemstones than here..........(*ponders*).

Yea, and as for the Japan mountain lake area, the chance to get away from the trash that is 'American' 'dysgenic' 'culture' was treasure in it's own right (*feels my fingernails glowing gold with the revelation*).


I am not going to allow myself to be 'screwed' 'over' by false visions. Last month, I quite likely just witnessed a cluster**** of a bad vision.........that had anime pseudogoddess deity level 'Mihoshi' going to bat....using 'Finky' ('subanime' 'S*mmer')..as a disposable tool.

(*Recalls how I refused at that anime entity's 'sexual' 'advances' long ago*).

Another trialer? If there was another, that trialer would and should have had the same level of hunger which I have had, the same limitless hunger and unstoppable cravings which lead me to mine....


...., travel the world, make this webpage, and seek to find and protect beautiful hyperdimensional lifeforms. They would not be satisfied with the meager and boring 'video' 'games' I have no interest in, and the 'online' 'roleplaying' ('RP') which I never even took part in for even a single time in my entire life. They would have a ***dire*** and ***limitless*** hunger...to find me...., a hunger that would not be touched, satiated, nor enticed by weird substitutes. (*Thinks about how I never even considered dating IRL, such was my memory of the personality and appearance of hyperdimensional Starry Maiden*....(*recalls her unmistakable and sacral brains indicative thigh gap*)).(*Swoons as recalls how good she makes skirts look*). Yea......any other trialer, if they were here, would literally...., physically, and instinctively....be feverish with the desire, the craving, the hunger, and the need to find me. They would be starving for my presence, (*recalls the way Starry Maiden would nestle to my collar*).....literally starving for the mana energy and emotional energy streaming from my soul.......... . A trialer's hunger would and should transcend petty vanity, and the pathetic threats and bullying from pathetic fat slobs.

...... .


Maybe before my ship comes, I need to blast at that anime deity level 'Mihoshi'......(*feels my eyes gloeing red*). (*Feels my scalp buzzing with cosmic energy*).

Yea. Gem mine or not, coming back to America has been an ordeal of witnessing trash.

Insufferably rancid, stinking, and rotten trash. Deplorable trash.

*Groans as recalls at the loveless flirtings from easy, 'horny', and unkempt Caucasians lacking dignity, class, charm, health, and intellect*.




........ .

Yea, no amount of money is worth condemnation to the cesspool I witness.


*Thinks very deeply*.

*Thinks*................ .

I must think on what I am going to do here. That half month length Japan trip has lit a fire in me (as the starship flyby has shown). A towering inferno of desire, ambition, hunger, and intent.

Yea. And next time I witness that anime deity level 'Mihoshi', I'll have my fists defiantly raised, and immediately establish some distance.

Maybe the action in Japan was so calm due to the amount of energy that was invested by me into the generation and maneuvering of that ship....... . Maybe it is already beyond anime level even here and now......., and possesses a mana energy concentration of a galactic level or larger.
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