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Another Miracle

Oh *WOW* ~~~ (!!!) OH WOW ~~ !!!! (*Inhales briskly*). (Takes note, of the MMII victory theme, heard mentally). (*Gulps*). As I witnessed '10/25/13', *IT* *HAPPENED* (!!!!!!). (*Feels my fingernails ~~ glowing in shock*). During the morning ~~ (regarding my current location, within the psionic world)..........(*wipes my face in shock*)....., I was sitting/lying........., and enjoying the sunshine (*gulps*). Then, *AS* *SUDDEN* *AS* *I* *BLINKED* (!!!!)........., I perceived myself (!!!) IN *ANOTHER* *LOCATION* (!!!) ~~~~.................WHILST *ALSO* ~~~ PERCEIVING (!!!) A FAMILY MEMBER'S/MAGICAL ~~ BEING'S GAZE (!!!!) *FIXED* ~~~~~ *UPON* *ME*!!!! (*Feels my fingernails, glowing in shock*). I was *UTTERLY* *STARTLED*, and *POPPED* / *JUMPED* ~~ (!!!) *UP*, exclaiming, "SASAMI ~~~~ ?!?!?!" (!!!!). I could tell (*blushes*) ~~ by my state of dress (*blushingly chin dips*) (*gulps*), that I WAS IN *ANOTHER* *LOCATION*/*PLACE*!!!! (*Wipes my face, in a startled and awed ~~ manner*). Apparently, after I *jumped* like I did, I found ~~ myself, soon, noting my psionic (this) ~~~ body ~~ again ~~~ (!!!!).......; all the same, I could *STILL* (!!!) feel ~~~ the *TACTILE* *RECEPTION* (senses relating to touch) ~~ of *MY* *BODY* *WHICH* *I* *HAD* *JUST* *PREVIOUSLY* *NOTED* (!!!!). OH WOW!!!! It was like, A *ULTRA* *SPEED* *DROP* (!!!)...., to another place/vantage point........, that happened within the span ~~ (!!!) ~~ of a *INHALED* *BREATH* (!!!). Gladly, when the experience/shift took place, I was lying (!!!!)...., and didn't note this/my psionic body ~~ *fall*.........amidst ~~ a physical activity....or such (*gulps*). Events didn't 'end' ~~ there (!!!!) (takes note of the MMII victory theme again (!!!, perceives a pair of eyes, in my field of vision, and feels a (!!!) *kissing* (!!!) sensation))........( ^_^ !!!!) ~~...... . Actually, on the prior night ~~~ (*feels my toenails, glow in awe*) (yes, as '10/24/13' witnessed), I perceived a *LOCKED* state (STUCK STATE (!!!)), where my STAR-LIKE FORM/FOCUSED CONSCIOUSNESS (which I must admit, resembles the "spark" of the Transformers terminology/context)..........WAS *PRESENT* *WITHIN* *A* *TRANSFORMERS* (!!!!) BASIS WORLD!!!! I took note ~~, of a cat mech/robot......., from a close vantage point, as I *ALSO* noted '*HORRIBLE*' (*winces*) '*WARFARE*' !!!!! (*Gulps*). (Black and silver, was the coloration of the cat mech/unit). I took note of a METAL city, present within a arid and rocky ~~ terrestrial environment......... . I noted 'a' 'horrific' 'mass' 'scale' 'war' (!!!). I don't know if I can even place the notation to a current Transformers series (on the air).....(*feels my fingernails, glow in shock*). Well, following that, and, taking note that I was APPARENTLY *STUCK* (!!!!), I saw (*CACKLES* (!!!) (^_^)) STARSCREAM'S *LABORATORY* (!?!?!?!?!). I was laughing ~~ (*cackles*), *AMAZED* ~~ by what was happening. I guess Starscream was doing maintenance (!?!?!) on the cat mech/unit ~~ I had just witnessed, as well as some other ~~ units (!?!?!?!). (I noted 'a' 'rhino' 'unit'......, also). Oh ~~ wow ~~, that was awesome; yes, seeing a place of *RESEARCH* ^_^ ~~!!!!! Starscream was *very* happy, and was mentioning (!!!) ~~~ the remodeling ~~ of a (!!!) sea/maritime ~~ basis mech ~~ which I saw....... . I was like ~~ "Oooooooh ~~~~", as I saw the blue and white ~~ color scheme which I saw, as I analyzed the blue and white maritime mech. For a moment (!!!), I considered, *GOING* *INSIDE* *OF* *IT* (!!!!)....(I love the water ~~ (*blushes*), I also love machines and technology ~~~). I read the design schematic ~~ which Starscream was (!!!) utilizing/gazing upon......... . I was very interested (*chuckles*) ^_^ ~ !!! After what seemed like a (!!!) possibly *PERMANENT* ~~~ and *NEW* ~~ state of existence, I apparently found my *PSIONIC* *BODY* again.......... . Upon waking, I had an *INTENSE* headache, and *INTENSE* disorientation, that *immediately* eased ~~........with ~~ movement ~~~........and time.... . Yea, though, regarding noting 'the' '25th'......, I was *EAGER* ~~, *ALL* ~~ through the day, to see if I was just experiencing a *sporadic* ~~ event, or noting *A* *NEWLY* *REACHED* *AND* *PERMANENT* *LEVEL* *OF* *FUNCTIONING* ~ !!!! (*Feels my right eye, glow with hope*). (Takes note of the Sonic R, Radical City ~~ theme, heard mentally ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8Tid2htBlE )). Well, MY *ANSWER* (!!!), came, when, upon noting 'the' 'early' 'hours' 'of' '10/26/13', I *HAD* *ANOTHER* ~~ EVENT, where I was *STUCK* ~~ (!!!) remote viewing ~~~........, yes, and *basically*, *WAKEFUL*............... . I noted *another* ~~ research lab location ^_^ ~~!!!! Yes, a Soul Society (!!!!!!!) related.........research location!!!. What these events *MEAN*, is that, *SOON*, I may note the internet, as well as cable/television relays/networks, are *RELICS* *OF* *THE* *PAST* (much like cassette tapes........, and NES cartridges). Yea...., so long, as I can see the *BEAUTIFUL* ~~~ beings whom I love, and the *BEAUTIFUL* ~~ places that I love, that means that *EARTH* events which involve the *DISASSEMBLY* ~~ of electronic systems, would be *TOTALLY* *WELCOME*!!!! I'd *LOVE* (!!!) to hide in a cave, amidst a *NEW* *ICE* *AGE*, or even *DRIFT* *IN* *SPACE*..........., with my latest capacities ~~ available ~~ .......(for the sake of seeking comfort) ~~ all the while ^_^!!!!! *A* *NEW* *AGE* *HAS* *ARRIVED* (!!!) ^_^ ~ !!! Well, I was *UTTERLY* *STARTLED* (!!!), when I crept back to check the internet.....this morning..... .


Apparently, there has been *MAJOR* (!!!) solar activity, *YET* *AGAIN* ~~ timed in some way...........to events of mine (!!!!!). I'm hoping for the best........... . (*Feels my fingernails, glowing in hope*). (Takes note the Stage I theme, which I remember from my times of witnessing 'Street' 'Fighter' '2010'....). With my *latest* events, I'd be *ENTIRELY* *HAPPY*, to place this/my psionic ~~ body ~~ in some type of *cryogenic* *stasis* ~~ of sorts........... . Yes; for dimension exploration events are *SO* *AWESOME* (!!!!) ^_^, whilst yet, my daily psionic body ~~ related lifestyle, just consists of running from/evading/hiding from ~~ 'boring' '/' 'sadistic' '/' 'abominable' '/' 'horrible' '/' nasty'.......'demons' '/' 'antihumans'..................(yes, and that, as I've noted XXVII solar cycles.......). Oh wow ~~~........, oh wow....., oh wow.... . I *HOPE*, *PRAY*, for the sake of my mission (to protect ~~ innocent lifeforms)......., as well as for the sake of the people who *TRULY* *CARE* ~~ about me...(and await my recovery/awakening....as such), that I may note ~~ my latest events *CONTINUE* ~~~. I give thanks, to the beings of the infiniverse, for the chance to experience the experiences ~~ which I have experienced ~~...... . (*Gulps, amidst feeling feelings of hope*).
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