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Oooooooo .......Strong Opponents =^_^=

Ummm...yea, why do I usually note 'deity' level opponents, gods, are so gosh-darned crazy? Yea, suicidal, homicidal, and 'mentally' 'unstable'?

Well, I just got back from witnessing some kind of 'intervention'.

Maybe it even took place on this plane? I dunno, but it explained a ***LOT*** if it did.

K, so immediately after refusing liquor from some crazy 1990's entity......during what seemed like a fluid world event......

......I woke found myself sitting...and facing at some kind of 'intervention'.... . Looking around, surprise surprise.....I spectated at a strange subanime church. At my right was Reginald Pa*e, a 90's bully thug '/' fake cousin that I raised my fists at long looong ago. At the pews / seating ahead of me....I witnessed two unmemorable and fake......90's 'schoolmates'.

Uh.....I noted what seemed like some 'angry' 'tribunal'. Yea, one of the two seated at the area ahead......fiercely condemned at me not swilling alcohol, and not f*.....(oops) um....not 'having' 'sex' with either XX chromosome types or XY chromosome types. Me? I was just being silly and laughing (*facepalms*) as I heard at the angry tirade.

The watched at the strange one flipping out at me.......change from XX chromosome type to XY chromosome type.......and then ask what I even was....., and if I had 'evolved'.

Getting a a tiny bit serious for a moment, I stated how I do not believe in evolution, and how I did not evolve. No, but I adapted.

Yea, but then I looked right at the standing and angrily gesturing Reginold.........., and heard at him ask "what if this was all just a video game!?"....... .

I was like " Ooooooooooooh =^_^= ~~~~", nodded, and was trying to reach for a fist bump....... .

Yea, but (*cringes*) he started spazzing out.......... . Watching carefully, I took note at his arm changing to what looked like the arm of a cybernetic monstrosity. Was he breathing smoke too? He was changing into some terribly powerful animesque entity (*recalls at the cybernetic light patterns flashing on his arm*).

I guess he bellowed some fighting cry, and then did some kind of cyborg extending leg thing whereby he crashed through what seemed to be the metallic balcony of a quickly animefying church. In a state like that of a cybernetic centipede or such, the Reggietron shot machine cannons at the general direction I was in. My ultimate defense field was in place, so I calmly sat and watched.

Strange enough, some force showed up at the area to my flank, and engaged in a gun fight with the Reggietron level dude, either that, or both were gunning at me and hitting each other instead.

Yea, I am not very fond of fighting and conflict.

After clearly spotting at one opponent get damaged by gunfire, a fluid world event took place.

I seemingly found myself standing in a parking lot.

I heard at some strange short man, a unknown wizard robed dude, claim that I needed to get the best weapons I could for the deity fight (??!!!???!?!).

With bare hands, I walked through what seemed to be a constantly shifting environment.......until I spotted at solitarily sitting (!!!) and weird...., anime-esque, and ghost-like XX chromosome type. I guess...just like I said last night, I kept some defensive distance, and routed energy to my fists.

The entity was deity level, had a wavy ponytail, and pale overall color. Yea, and had silk looking and loose fairy-like robes as clothes?

I was going to watch and observe as long as I could.

Yea, but the old dude or one of the 'humanoids' following at me, approached the strange one.

Ummmmmmmm. I heard at the entity start speaking????

Initially it was like hearing at a 'romantic' 'poem'.......addressed at me.

Yea, but mething was wrong with it (*shakes my head*).

The deity's voice changed to a scary and depressed tone........ .

The sky shifted in color, and the land shifted to what appeared to be a dark wetlands featuring high grass, water, and vines.

Yea, and I heard at the entity that sounded like a further warped version of Iris.....start saying some morbidly depressed kinda stuff, stuff that sounded like a suicidal homicidal vengeance raving......that claimed the entity's (*cringes*) soon scattered remains would tear at me in the form of 'wolves'..(*shakes my head*)...., whilst the 'land' the entity would infuse into.....would 'turn' in vengeance at me.

Me? I did not even fight, but some force of dudes with flying mechs, bullets, and the like....swarmed the crazy anime chick deity entity. Maybe I felt so much pity? I dunno.

I just turned around and walked away...as the strange army force (that kept following at me) fought what appeared to be 'vegetation' 'golems'. Some point I passed at what seemed to be a mobile battle city armament loaded with deity fighting 'seals', 'seals' that I kept hearing some animesque XX chromosome type referring to on a radio.


Hmmmm. I just do not want the entity blaming it's depressed state at me.....not being interested in 'sex' with 'it'.

I say that, because immediately after not blasting the entity.......and walking away, a fluid world event took place. An event where I guess had noted the deity entity follow at me, and appear as a druken subanime XX chromosome type with some horrifying 'adult' 'toy'.......'cannon' contraption strapped to it's...O_O....deity size chest. I just stood in complete shock..........(with my ultimate shield up thankfully.......to avoid an 'unwanted' 'soaking')......as I witnessed one of the strangest scenes I have ever witnessed. After watching at the entity keel over 'invitingly'......., and after noting some 'assistant' of the entity fail...trying to shove me on top of the deity entity's chest and body....., I focused my energy to getting back to (and perhaps even manifesting amidst a fluid world event) my mointain sanctuary location.

After some moments, I found myself back to bed here....and just in shock.

Why do even deity level XX chromosome types.....refused sex......'get' 'morbidly' 'depressed'??? Tis annoying.....oops.....maybe I need to watch what I say today.

*Does some morning reading*.

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