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I've been laughing today =^_^=......, chuckling to myself as I do housework and the like.

Yea, I took the chainsaw to the limbs in the yard, and got them to the burn pile.

I also swept, and mopped down IV rooms.

I was laughing...after witnessing the cartoonish fiasco of that horndog deity earlier (*chortles and laughs*).

(*Just shakes my head*).

Yea. I had some deep laughs about that =^_^= (*shakes my head*).

Yea, well, I think I got lucky again. Yea, and no waiting at 'F*n***S*ar' for me, certainly not after spectating at the 'antics' of that pseudohyperdimensional deity that was present with 'Finky' in that strange event. (*Thinks about last month and my time in Tokyo*). Yea. Finky never felt a palpable....., innocent, and ***hungry*** passion for *me*......, yea...the vulnerable and struggling me of past...that had such heavily dormant cosmic abilities. Yea, and the true Dawn, my blessed Starry Maiden, hath literally shown me that would be willing to crawl across deserts......on her hands and knees, and even swim across veritable oceans...if it meant reaching me.......and helping me as I am in need. That is how she loves, how passionate she is, and why / how her love is so ***addictive*** and ***alluring*** for me. (*Swoons and grins as recalls how good her hyperdimensional thigh gap / her sacral brains indicative thigh gap.....makes her skirts look*). (*Nods heartily as remembers my beloved*). (*Feels my face burning a bright and blushful red*). Yea, as mystifying as it is for me, my Starry Maiden ***hungers*** to be a part of my life (*recalls her trembling touch, her trembling with need and hunger for my presence*) (*blinks in astonishment*)......., ***hungers*** to hold me in her arms. (*Remembers her homing instincts*).

Yea, from here, I am going to focus on my ship, and keeping my house presentable.

Time will tell about the trialing matter.

Oh. The Switch offer? I'll still do it because I gave my word, but I'll need II to III months of notification in advance. Either way I win, because a way...my word gets kept and I get the Switch......, and then the other way I can get house stuff I need like a ladder, and even a Dolby surround sound system.
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