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A Day Of Thanksgiving, Reflection, And Gratitude......

Trigger Warning: I want to be myself here. This is a journal, a journal to express my thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics regarding the hyperdimensional lifestyle.

This journal is a chronicle of a path.....that leads to the stars and beyond, and a journal that explains how I did it...in a step-by-step manner.

No 'snowflakes' please.


I have noted 'multiple' Christmas party invitations this week. How do I feel?

*Raises arms and shrugs*.

Left to my own devices, *every* *day* is a day of fun, celebration, and adventure for me. Lol, I apparently note J and Aves and others claiming (???) I have a depression deleting power, hence why I am a 'party' 'necessity'.... . (*Shakes my head*).

I'm just ready to get to next week....whereby I will do a big restock of my medicinal supplies.

Yea, I am not really interested in the whole 'stereotypical' 'Christmas' 'gifts' thing. Yea. 'Anime'? 'Games'? No thanks.

*Shakes my head*.

Hmm, I watched at '9' 'episodes' 'of' 'Black' 'Clover' this week, and I must admit anime seems 'severely' 'overrated' and 'underwhelming' at any person *WHO* *HAS* *OPTIONS*.

Too, even with a Nintendo Switch here, and even having noted a X Box I (Destiny II and other selections) and a PSIV (Kingdom Hearts pack) within the last week(s)..........I must admit that 'games'...seem 'severely' 'overrated' and 'underwhelming' at any person *WHO* *HAS* *OPTIONS*.

Only those with 'simple' and 'weak' 'minds' would / could 'lose' 'themselves' to such niggling trivialities. (Just like with drugs, alcohol, sex, and religions (such as Atheism, Leftism, New Age, and Christianity)).

Sad as it is, my Switch will perhaps just sit and gather dust while I mine for g*ms, meditate, take care of the house and yard, and meditatively gaze toward Saturn each night with my telescope(s).

I never knew this day would come, and I give thanksgiving to the divine beings who hath made it possible, but yes.........my lifestyle......gives me far more satisfaction, and only......more fulfillment than any 'video' 'game' or 'anime' out there...... .

Yea. That is ***HUGE***.

I mean, that Japan trip, for example, proved I could hold my own...., function, and even thrive for a dang on half month in another country.... .

Yea, and that I was loaded up my ears with R*bies, S*pphires and the like, and jet-setting like that...in designer clothing??? *Nods*. Only to come back to the news of the destined ark starship flying by? (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). (*Feels as hyperdimensional and hope-charged white starlight emitting from my fingernails*). (*Notices the tablet having functionality issues suddenly*).

Yea, not even a quadrillion dollars could provide such an experience, such a miracle.

No '*h*tty' 'game' or 'anime' can come even close to providing the fulfillment and meaning........of the lifestyle that has been blessed to me by those Holy Goddesses who love and cuddle me so (*blush*).

Yea. I give thanks. Seriously, I am in awe.

Thank you, those who watch over me.

There is no greater gift possible...than your holy presence in somebody's life.

Yea, paltry and lame 'Christmas' 'gifting' is for the 'dogs' (no pun(s), mockery, nor offensiveness intended).

*Prays in thanksgiving and gratitude, and to...prays that I may.....someday...be able to give back to the beings who have blessed me with so much*.
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