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Realm Restructuring Event.......

Urgh....... .

*Reels with nausea a bit*.

*Notes the quiet map*.

*Strains and reels as feels dimensional heat....streaming from me*.

*Notices an upset stomach wave, but manages to stave it via meditation*........... .

I have just spent about a day or more.....wrestling through a fluid world quagmire event (*gulps*)...., an event that had a crescendo....that went far and beyond....what happened during that tsunami day....more than a decade ago (December 25th-ish 2004).

I was completely vulnerable.....tonight / this morning...... . (*Recalls at that strange 'overnight' 'party' 'request' I refused at......weeks ago, and notices my suspicions flaring.....*). For an amount of time, I was just stumbling around this partially restiched plane.......with my throat feeling parched, and my body heat skyrocketing..... .

Ok. Time to explain / report the event.... . All day yesterday, I felt woozy. Maybe even faint............. .

Thankfully I had my entire house to ***MYSELF*** last night.

Yea. Luckily...I had the back column to refuse at that XX chromosome type's 'overnight' 'Christmas' 'party' 'request' earlier this month, and did not have to deal with four potential attackers inside my shielded zone.

So...a fluid world sustained event took place (*gulps*), where my location in this rralm seemingly shifted to a large store / many large stores.......??? Yea, and I kept trying to fill my cart with delicious chocolate cookies (*chuckles and facepalms*) and ice cream cakes.

Yea, but I struggled to get back here..... . I struggled to bring *this* place back. Aside from the grocery store, seems everything I could perceive was likely just a black expanse (regarding this realm).

Leaning over the cart in a tired manner, it happened.

Yea, a fluid world / matter configuration wave / realm event.......many many many many *many* magnitudes / levels of magnitude......beyond everything....I have ever experienced..... .

As if an ultranova took place, or even some kind of big bang........everything went ehite, charged white, a charged white.........that resulted in me not even witnessing a 'Negro' 'man'....'grafted' at my POV...... . Actually, I do not even recall witnessing any 'subanime'...period......., or even detecting subanime mankind whatsoever. Yea, it was like some "big bang" level event....... . A surge event far and beyond....the tiny events experienced through the years (!!!!!).

In the pusling, rippling, and energentically charged white, I struggled to have any *CONTROL*......(*winces a bit*).

I was alive, and not damaged, but I noted a "mind"......., an " expanding" mind......that I seemingly observed from a distance, as I (!!!???!!!!) heard.....heard singing??? Singing, and a voice, that filled the entire.....realm. Singing that was steadily boosting in volume and energy, as if bolstered by the steadily boosted / rising morale and confidence (???) of the singer....... .

The song?

I guess an "a cappella' song with lyrics akin to this....?


(Yea, a Sailor Moon theme???). (*Shakes my head*).

With a voice.....verbatim akin to the voice in this?


Whilst sensing a another sentient being's mind and presence approaching from the distance, seemingky Rini / hyoerdimensional Iris from the love energy signature....., the..."Serena" I heard just kept skyrocketing and skyrocketing and skyrocketing in regard to the magnitude of emitted energy.

What seemed to me as a...a..(???)...I dunno, maybe a stick figure, a stick figure drawing / doodle or such...., appeared in my field of vision. Tender emotions (!?!) overwhelmed me, and I cried and sobbed....(*shakes my head*) for reasons I do not exactly know right now? Actually, the air atmosphere...was thick with very influential and palpable love, tenderness, and the like. What was that figure????? (*Recalls the objects that appeared around the figure. Cans.?..maybe? I dunno).

What was I seeing????

The event seemed to go on forever in some ways, and something happened to the timeline / my perception of time, and possibly the very timestream.

Only way I came back here, and this place even came back here, was an event....later...whereby I was back to noting a 'Negro' male grafted st my POV, and an event whereby I was *gravely* overheating.....and crawling through I fluid house....in search of cool / icy water to drink. Yea, heat, concentrated heat...was pouring from my being...... .

Heh. To think I had been considering shifting the name of this journal........ .

Okay. It stays.

Don't know why the event that just took place did not happen during the Tokyo trip last month, but I will not complain.

Hmph. What worries me? I likely noted the enemy 'know' at the event........, hence why I noted that 'overnight' 'party' 'suggestion' weeks ago.

Oh, I sensed Rini / Iris during the event, so if that little figure....seen was not related to an anemic and comatose trialer hyperdimensional Dawn, then I guess this is a solo trial. (*Hears the MM victory theme*). I wonder what the ship.......is doing about now....after the event that just took place? If it was bestowed with even a sliver....of the energy I just perceived, it should have a galactic scale concentration of energy available for it's main energy core.

*Yawns, and suddenly hears the Crystal Forest theme*.

I give thanks for the chance to experience whatever *ENORMOUS* event judt took place.

I gonna try nap now. I tired.

Tags: reality configuration wave, reality quake, reality storm, time and space phenomena, time manipulation
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