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About Yesterday.......... / About The Last Couple Months......

I think I get it now.

Since that initial ship sighting in October, and since the flyby, everything has largely been very quiet.....in regard to Earth events (that actually matter, as in physical events....and not 'fake' 'news').

*Notices that I have a headache*.

I take it that what happened yesterday, was some kind of next generation surge event....... .

Something happened immediately after the event though.

As "ripples" took place for this realm, and as I got really woozy amidst a seemingly oncoming black expanse event, (!!!!) I witnessed an 'enormous' and 'extremely' 'powerful'........deity class.....draconic figure glide in at the area to my immediate right... .

Glancing with widened eyes, I spotted at the 'dark' 'purple' 'dragon' and animesque dragon..land.., and then 'change'. Change to, apparently, the anime deity level 'Dawn'.......which I hadn't witnessed for many many months (if not a year or more). I noted the entity, with long dark purple hair, lying sideward and intently gazing at me......whilst 'speaking' 'lovingly' 'and' 'gently' (*worried, turned my head away, and worriedly groaned a bit amidst feeling a kissing sensation as I typed*).

How do I feel?

Not only am I not feeling up for a 'fight' right now, too, I don't hate the entity.

(*Groans a bit amidst feeling another kiss*).


*Suddenly heard a...a.voice make a...a. sudden suggestion*.

*I proclaimed / exlaimed..."why...!!?"...........*.


I have a headache. I think I am going to take a nap for a while.
Tags: mystery, world events
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