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This Year Was An Overwhelming Success / My Ascent Into The Heavens.....

*Feels torrents of cosmic energy coursing through me as I clench my fist*.

*Feels my eyes flash white for a moment*.

As this journal has attested, this has been an ***AMAZING*** year.

Indeed. All in all excellent, groundbreaking, and exemplary.

I give thanks that this year could be so amazing, so cool, so ***AWESOME***.

*Feels myself glowing with confidence about the people I love, and our homeland*.



Yea ~~~~....... . Life is so beautiful ~~~~~......... . *Inhales deeply, and exhales*.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.

Even though I am standing on the cusp of victory, I must remain ever vigilant.

Indeed, I must keep working my performance sustaining blends of herbal medicines like B*copa M*nnieri and Ginkg* Biloba......., and I must quadruple my intake of G*ld nanoparticles. Yea, there is so much more that I can....and must do. This year was just a warm up, a dress rehearsal.

Yea. I must get ready for the ascension, the point where I take my house contents and myself into the sanctuary that is interstellar space. (*Thinks about the Andromeda Galaxy for a moment*). (*Thinks about intergalactic space*).

*Nods*. I am ready for daily life aboard my starship. A starship loaded with electric guitars, gemstones, and mana energy. A starship with a functional hyperdimensional cathedral onboard. (*Nods*). (*Gasps as I feel a kiss*). Yes, a starship of worship. (*Feels my body glowing with the light of prayer*).

*Notices a tear go down my face*.

I can *taste* it...... . I can taste the shining and brilliant future that lies ahead of me. (*Swoons in ecstasy*). (*Feels my fingernails glowing in ecstasy*).

Yea. Victory is on the horizon.

The key now is to stay focused on my goals, and keep living the lifestyle of prayer and applied prayer through work......that I have been living. (*Chuckles as feels a pat to my head*).
Tags: gratitude, house of inner development, house of magic, life is awesome, miracles, thanksgiving
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