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Hmmmm......Interesting.... / A 'New' Deity At The Block?

Whilst researching / data mining at G*P.......

.....I might have found a new way to track surge events.

On. Immediately after the last post, I *did* have a cosmic energy surge event of sorts, and that after witnessing a knife-arm (!?!!) brandishing android entity (lol) attack at me.

Was it an extremely powerful android that was imitating dude?

Actually, I witnessed three or four androids in total........., and all looked like 'dude's' 'family'.

I used my prediction abilities to dodge the android entity's stabbing attacks.

Yea, but then I noted the attacker do a power up, and change to some pseudohyperdimensional cartoon male 'mouse' 'form'. An extremely muscular 'form'. 'Mighty' 'Mouse' maybe???

Still feeling pumped from my time over here, and giving full testament to my lessons, training, and inner development efforts........., I (!!!!) willed myself to my Gadget form / state....... . A brief event happened where I saw an expanse of shining darkness, and what seemed like a ultranova or even "mini big bang" (!!!) taking place...... . The light was blue, and white, and blooming....and contracting rhythmically. Maybe the view was inside of my body? (*Blush*). (*Gazes down and then turns a blushful red*). (*Coughs*). My view then shifted back.......to a view whereby I faced at the opponent with a cloak of galactic scale energy....around me...... . As if confirmation of what I had been saying all along, that a 'male' 'body' impedes at any and all access to hyperdimensional cosmic energy......., I felt so alive....and full of energy =^_^=. Even though my height in my (seemingly hyperdimensional) Gadget form was tiny, I never felt more energy.....from a body than then.

I launched myself forward at the opponent...as I was brimming with confidence (in the homeland and the people I believe in), and as if in testament to victory......everything went white.......in regard to the environment.

When I next woke, I was hovering in my starlike form. Where was I? I did not know..... .

I...(*squints*) quickly got my bearings though as I overheard at some dude. Ulgh. Sesshomaru? What the heck???? Yea, I witnessed him, and some 'XX' 'chromosome' 'type' 'mortal' in that demon hunter village 'armor' ('Sango' or 'Rin'?)......standing over a cliff. Urgh. What a ugly and morbid 'location'. Some demon infested 'anime' 'feudal' 'world'.....'setting'.

Sesshomaru complained about Inuyasha? Accusing him at being "fragile"? Yea, and then I heard at him regerence Tessaiga or Tens.....whatever it was called.

Looking down, I noted a kind of ship, a ship that looked like it was from Pirates Of Dark Water......, appear in a foul green acid river.....far below where Sesshomaru stood. I had no sympathy for the mortal / XX chromosome type that plunged into the acid only to holler and thrash about. I do not know what happened to the chick, but I jumped (*winces*) down at the 'boat' to investigate? Urgh....... . Yea. (*Shakes my head*) And upon landing, I gasped in horror.......to witness Sesshoumaru (!?!?!) (what the heck) grafted at my perception of myself.

Well, I had to save that for later..... . Two monster demon pirate dudes came out of the interior of the pirate ship? Yea, and the male grafting at me was *weak*...(*feels a sinking and glowing sensation around navel level.....and subsequently nods*). I materialized a pair of manatech swordlike objects......., and used them to shield myself from the armored fat dudes. Some point, I think I may have grabbed at the acid damaged chick I spotted at earlier......., and then erected a shield ball as a means to just bide and wait for the next interval / jump point.

(*Recalls just before the world flip / jump point......sighting at the (????) Pirates Of Dark Water dude.....peering at the contents of the shield ball*).

After a while (*shakes my head*)......I think I found myself observing at some scummy subanime 'urban' location. The anime XX chromosome type that had been in the armor previously, had been changed to an overweight Hmong / Asian that kept cuddling at me (*raises my eyebrow*).

K. I guess this amount of data will suffice.


Trigger Warning: This section has some realtalk. Just a heads up.

Oh. For the sake of taking accurate research notes and giving accurate and honest reporting, I must testify...that before the dive event / surge event.....I witnesssed that 'space' 'dragon' 'deity' (!!!?) zoom in at me again. Zoom in, change to 'deity' 'level' 'animesque' 'Dawn'..., and then 'cuddle' at me 'lovingly'.

Hmmmmmm? Me? I guess I am going to just grit my teeth and bear it for now.....regarding these repeated 'dragon' 'deity' witnessing events..... . Yea, that....and not even bother with any more of that 'F*nrisS**r' drama. Yea this tablet is refusing Skype anyway, and even if it would accept...Skype...I would not have any expectations of a conversation or even a single friendly message being sent to me....from 'Finky'. Yea, the one witnessed last year had '***SEVERE***' 'problems'...., common problems of the stereotypical XX chromosome type....kind. Too, like with every 'Fictionkin', twas the same 'old' 'pattern' of a 'shattered' and 'broken' 'mind', 'unstable' 'and' 'antisocial' 'behavior', 'stagnant' 'development' 'and' 'lifestyle', 'all' 'talk' 'no' 'action' 'tomfoolery', and 'multiple' 'and' 'oft' 'hostile'.....'identities' (that cliche 'system' stuff). Me? Though I note anime Ash, anime Ichigo Kurosaki, anime Nami, anime Tifa, cartoon Rainbow Dash, and so many others grafted at my existence......, my personality and mind both stay intact because I am apparently an original, a hyperdimensional and "source" lifeform (and thus not a clone). Yea, it is as if only *I* get to decide who I am, how I think, what I do......., and how I feel.......; in other words......total freedom, and total immunity from 'fate'.

Yea. I do not know, I still do not know, why last year went like it did. I do not even know what that Tokyo event this year was about. I don't even know if I understand what happened the other day with either the Sailor M**n event, *nor* what happened immediately after it.

Today......I will just keep myself occupied, and try to maintain my celebratory mood.

Yea, and since I note the anime level dragon deity 'Dawn' is, minimum, to the very limits of the anime hottie class, I may as well study right? (*Thinks*). (Major issues may arise though.....if I note the deity overpower all the undesirable 'members' of the 'F*nky' 'multiple' 'identity' 'system'.....(including that subanime XX chromosome type mortal)). (Yea, I do not know if I have ever detected a stronger 'crush'.....than that of that animesque dragon deity.....).


Update: As stated in the comment section, seems there may be a chance of a surge event / my current somewhat upset state following a surge event...........showing up as a resonance pattern going on across the entire planet. Yea, a dance of lightning linked to my abilities realtime.


Tags: studying at deities, witnessing deities, world events
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