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Emergency Reality Writing Session / Reality Authorship / Emergency Backup Plan / The Race Is On.....

An aching feeling has been upon...me with growing intensity....all day today.

Yep, and I haven't turned on the Switch in about a week. No, not when I can sense serious matters / affairs afoot.

I don't know if the ark's return is nigh or not, but I ***MUST*** have a plan!!!

Maybe that Japan event last month was a warning............... . Yes, and the precursor to incredibly important test.....(the Nintendo Switch offer).

Though I have witnessed 'Odin' before, and even openly walked at his 'throne' 'room' before........(*recalls at how he got up from his throne and backed away*), I do not have any interest in the dude... . Still, I noticed at something as I did some reading...... .



I don't take that 'stuff' seriously....... . What catches at my attention is the whole matter of rope / chains / binding. And that....specifically...due to the upcoming starship saga......... .

Go figure hunh?

Me? I have an immunity at fate......


......hence I could refuse at 'God's' 'will' (no 'AntiChr*st' nonsense for me), refuse at marijuana, drugs, booze, pointless sex, and foul hookups.

Yea but I cannot claim such to be for a certain someone......that is seemingly ***CURSED*** with the worst case of ill...fate I have ever witnessed. One seemingly fated to destroy, and ruin.

K. Here goes.

*Prays and meditates*.

If onboard my ship........, if...following my ascension.....I note 'Fenrir', action must be taken. Quick and decisive action. If the dual trial theory is true, and the most dire scenario comes to pass, what will I do? Well......I am ***NOT*** going to risk losing the ark which I struggled so long to reach. Unh unh.

If I am going to do this ship thing, and if the most dire scenario comes to pass, then I want to do it right. This isn't about 'bullying', it is about survival (for myself and any other trialer involved).

Yea. If it comes down to it, I am going to have to see to using an enchanted rope or chain.....as a means of sealing. *Shakes my head in sorrow*. Not only that, I will have to either find, or *generate* a suitable asteroid......or even moon.....to tow, drag, behind the ship. (I hope the ship has a portable life support module that can be installed to an asteroid or moon, and thus maintain a hospitable atmosphere). An asteroid / moon that would be the binding site.

Why will I have to do that?

If 'Fenrir' 'can't' even accept a free peace offering Switch in these calm times of today, a proverbial and figurative olive branch of peace, then there is no way whatsoever 'he' would *ever* listen to reason during the fast-paced happenings of tomorrow. Yea. Any moment I do not say 'what' 'he' wants to hear, boom..........'verbal' 'drama', 'tantrum', or even a violent melee attack.... .

Now that the ark has arrived IRL to this solar system, I need to be realistic.

That ark is a doorway, a vehicle....., to any world, any dream, any ***TIME***, any ***DIMENSION***!

And dual trial or not, I do not even want to think about 'what'....'Fenrir' would intend at me......., me advocating discipline, logic, sacrifice, work, ethics, temperance, and reason. T'would just be a matter of time before I would note the 'obstacle' or 'expendable'....'label' slapped at me.

Yea, after this planet is disassembled, I am not going to deal woith any bul**** from a broken and dangerous 'graft'....nor any other dangerous force.

So it's a race from here. A race to get to the ship.

If I get my way, and if a there is a dual trialer, then we both survive.......however bumpy the ride may be.

But gosh, anybody knows.....that the only chance that ship has to remain intact for even a day..... and not

A) horrifically crashed on some godforsaken anime h*ll world....

B) commandeered by pirates that would either enslave and / or butcher 'Fenrir'

......would be if ***I*** secure and lock down the helm / piloting room.

Yea. I don't know about dude's recent.....anime deity dragon and anime deity level 'Dawn' form / incarnation, but the race is on now, and I guess the lines have been drawn.

Who will make it to the ship, and control the path of destiny?
Tags: life plans, reality control, reality manipulation, starship matters, starship of dreams, the race to the starship
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