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Time To Work On The Yard And House / Readying The Telescopes / Stargazing Night / Starlight Dreams

*Does a bit of reading*.


Just because I have a starship in the solar system vicinity...does not mean I will 'quit' my household maintenance duties.

After I take my daily dose of G*ld, Pl*tinum, and S*lver, .....

.....I have a bit of yardwork to do today, as well as laundry duties. (*Ponders*). I prepared a veggies heavy pot roast yesterday =^_^=...., so the issue of food is taken care of for today (and tomorrow).

Today I will do miscellaneous cleanings, and prepare the bedroom for the arrival of the bed frame. I am excited about the bed frame =^_^= because it will boost the electric guitar acoustics on account of the hardwood floors.


I probably need to get some lens cleaning cloth for my refractor telescopes in January. I currently have III decent eyepieces.... .

Yea, I am going to be scanning the night sky nightly from here on, and keeping a close eye on Saturn since it is my reference. (*Feels my pulse quicken, and also feels what feels like liquid hope / the dense emotion of hope.....coursing through my veins*).

Maybe while I am standing in the icy temperatures whilst yet my blood is on fire with hope, desire, and excitement......, a bit unit or transport pod sourced from the ship will "ping" my energy signature and approach.

If such as that were to happen, I'd either load up and tractor beam my house......, or just shrink ray miniaturize my house........and ***GO***.

*Nods*. Go into the stars with an explosive sensation of hope surging through my veins.

Yea, I would not even have any goodbyes to say.

I've only witnessed problems (all of which are stupid and ridiculous problems) from mankind, hence why not even one of mankind was / is welcome to stay in the preclearance zone that is this g*m mining house.

My life has, even through the most dire times, been an experience of paradise, joy, happiness, excitement, and learning. On a ship? I ***KNOW*** it would be paradise =^_^=. Because life has *already* been paradise for me all along (even when I witnessed 'homelessness').

Just like with relationships, a starship / awesome living environment will not 'improve' nor 'change' who you are. No, they only, too, show you who you are and who you always were....on the inside.

On a starship, I'll be living the dream. I'll be free to unleash all the love, the zest, the happiness, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the energy, the joy, the hope....(!!!!) that I had to hide from mankind.

And of course =^_~=....in my fully revealed blonde form ~~, I'm going to strive to wear the coolest clothes =^_^=!!! (*Recalls the starship life visions I had last night*). *Nods*. ((Though I still ***pray*** that I will not 'change' 'into' one of the 'standard'.....'cocky', 'vain', 'hateful', 'stupid', 'nasty', 'unhygienic', 'vapid', solipsistic, and 'narcissistic' 'bimbo' 'beasts'..........I never could stand)).


K. Yardwork time.
Tags: astronomy, house maintenance, stargazing, telescopes
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