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My Big Black Telescope

I do not know how in the world my telescope survived at the ferocious ghetto baboon attacks through the decades, but oh my gosh I give thanks, and I pray in thanksgiving.

Yea, the altazimuth mount is working just fine, and even the objective lens, with a couple flecks of dust and all, is performing fine =^_^=!

Yea. I have been preparing for decades for this moment...(*notes me breathing with bated and shivery breath*).

Yea, witnessing 'high' 'school' I did not blow cash on hookers, hoes, weed, and beer. Even then......a fiery instinct drove me to procure this telescope. I even got this refractor before my initial guitar (*nods*).

Due to witnessing illiterate and stupid fake payrents, I had to assemble it by hand. Oh...I knew every part back and forward back then. For example, this is a telescope with a quite long focal length, meaning it is well suited for observing planetary bodies due to it's somewhat narrow visual field.

I think I shall get some lens cleaning fluid (that is safe for the coatings of the lens), and a polishing cloth tomorrow.... .


I could see Saturn just fine with this telescope in the past, but just in case I have a triple magnification Barlow lens that I got by instinct last year.

Everything else has lined up so flawlessly, I wonder if Saturn will even be visible from my heated living room view. I mean, do you see the size of my front window???

Yea. This feels great. So great. (*Nods*).

I'm not even letting those 'sour' 'grapes' Fictionk*n haters ruin this moment.... . I have had to try to do all the work....all along anyway (jetsetting overseas, issuing accurate and proven visions, illustrating hyperdimensional and beyond anime limits...hips / thigh gaps / bottom traits, recording hyperdimensional spellsongs, living in a house, mining for and obtaining rare g*mstones by hand, writing an all public journal, offering free gear and g*mstones, and not being doped up on prescription drugs aka not being a pillhead)............with no help from Fictionkin whatsoever...., so I will just keep doing what I have been doing......and avoid 'dem' 'niggas'.

Yea. This is my time =^_^=!!!!!!

This is our time, the time I share with my lovely and supportive hyperdimensional family members.

Yea yall, I love you with all of my heart, and I thank you.

*Feels a tear going down me nose*.
Tags: adventures, astronomy, stargazing, telescopes
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