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This Was A Year Of Distilled Awesomeness / What An Awesome Year / Confidence

*Feels my fingernails glowing with confidence, and nods*.

After today and tomorrow, this year will go down in the record books as a year full of victory and winning.

From g*m mining, to comfortable and stable living in a picturesque dwelling / setting, to even traveling the world (and even thriving in another country for half a month).........this year was jam-packed with adventures, discoveries, and meaning.

And come the last bit of the year, what but the appearance of the destined ark..........came to pass ^_^!!!




Yea. I ***KNEW*** it would happen!!! Me? I have been drawing and talking about starships and space since noting the 80's. I ***KNEW*** that the day to move beyond this planet...and explore the stars ~~ would come.... .

The fact that I do not have to share my dream with the sickening monsters I never could stand.....is icing on the cake aka...sweetens the whole matter.

Noting 2018....for me...will be all about getting into space.

Yea. I am going to be working my telescopes, and training my technopath abilities.

*Feels an inner fire burning within me, the fire of confidence and hope*.

My people have been good to me. The Goddesses who love me hath been so immeasurably good to me. (*Feels a trickling sensation down my right cheek and now the corner of my left eye*). (*Smiles happily and nods*). I'll keep striving to live no less than a holy and wholesome lifestyle in their honor...and in heartfelt testament to the love and thanksgiving I feel for them. (*Feels the fiery confidence which I have in the divine beings who love me*).

I may not be sure of the when, and the how, but I *KNOW* I'll make it into space.

I give thanks to the beings who made such an awesome year possible.

Thank you.

*Bows as a sign of respect*.
Tags: divinely blessed luck, gratitude, life is awesome, miracles, salvation, thanksgiving
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