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Having A Grip On Reality.... / This World Is A Gigantic Sanity Test

Okay..... . I still do not know how exactly how to put into terms my experiences over the last week.

I *was* going to voice my stupefied response at how incomprehensibly '***disconnected****' '***at***' ***reality*** 'F*ctionkin' 'are'.....until realizing / discerning......'Ficti*nkin' hath the exact same ('religion' 'based') 'psychology' as any common subanine 'normo'.

Ummm. Let's go ahead and call it.

Trigger Warning: This post contains objective information. No 'snowflakes' please.

Alright, here goes. Truth is objective. There is such a thing as being absolutely right. There is perfection. There is infinite paradise. There is absolute and infinite order. There is such a thing as absolute order that has lasted for an eternity past, and shall last for an eternity to come.

Beings who have an objective view on reality....., a "grip on reality", are able to receive and generate the miraculous blessings of reality.

For such beings....life and being alive art an experience of endless bewonderment, endless adventures, limitless meaning / meaningfulness, neverending ecstasy, unending happiness, limitless love, limitless romance, incomparable paradise, and a wonderful celebration in every way.....shape....and form.

But as time has constantly shown.......





.......when it comes to witnessing mankind, I / we / they note mankind has been fatally stuck on a suicidally destructive trend / death spiral of ignoring and '***FUTILY***' contesting at immovable, immutable, and unchanging facts about reality.

I really am thinking....as of late...that I note subanime mankind art 'mentally' 'ill' by default...... .



Yea. The definition of having a "grip on reality" is objectively observing nature and the universe, noticing the way it works, describing and comprehending the facts about reality, and then utilizing the facts in a manner that is efficient, beneficial, and logical....as a means to live long (survive) (eternally) and prosper (via good physical health, plenty of resources, and maximal distance from violent crime and criminals).

Poverty, destitution, squalor, decay, chronic illness, violent crime, and even ***DEATH*** / ***MORTALITY*** art the 'inevitable' 'consequences' of not having a grip on reality.

I am now thinking that this world, this realm...too.......art a ***SANITY*** ***TEST***, a test where the winner takes all.



This journal? It is about objectively chronicling the facts about reality....*however* startling they may be... . It is about seeking the truth, and it is a transparent testimony to the journey of seeking the truth.

I am going to coin some quotes / phrases / observations....... .

A) Sanity begets prosperity.
B) True prosperity is a maximal combination of high to limitless availability of resources, freedom from war / crime / violence, freedom from depression ('inner' violence), freedom from diseases, and optimal health.
C) Those with a grip on reality, I can only assume, would seek maximum distance from ones 'lacking' a grip on reality. Infinite....distance.
Tags: knowledge is salvation, objectivity, sanity, studying at mankind, wisdom is salvation
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