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Winter Is Actually Back Here? / Performance Status Updates

This winter season has been an initial time in over a decade.....that I have experienced a mostly stabilized winter season (with no week long flip-flops to 70s temperatures and the like) in these mountains.

This is what winter *used* to be like as I witnessed the 90's, if not even more chilly.

Seems like something may be going in regard to my weather manipulation abilities, and the flyby of the divine ark starship.

As for my dimension diving / visions, I hardly ever witness anime anymore (maybe a couple visuals a month if that much). I have not 'missed' 'it'...... .

I do not know why, but there has been a very low amount of the kind of black expanse / white expanse contact events...that were experienced as I witnessed 2016. Ever since I have taken G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum, I have had more of what I would call / phrase as....."day visions" and / or "lucid fluid world" events......(*recalls those enormous hurricanes*).... .

An eerie and new development....is how now I can speak aloud, calling either Dawnsato or Nihoshi / Nina's name......., and (!!!???!!!) promptly hear replies. Often if not always after calling their names, I feel (*blinks*) caresses to my forehead and scalp, and that amidst often observing a parting of the clouds above my house (on cloudy and semi-cloudy days).........whilst also hearing pressure creaks from the house all the while (mana pressure effects? gravity effects?). Yea. The events ***DEFINITELY*** have an effect of an environmental scale (*raises an intrigued eyebrow*).

Yea. This is an eerie little time.......in regard to my abilities.
Tags: nanotherapy results, weather manipulation, weather phenomena
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